birth date:
August 05, 1951

birth place:
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Thrushlike French/Canadian actress Carol Laure has starred in such films as The Surrogate, Stress and Night Magic.

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. Carole Laure

Heartbreakers (1984)

Title: Heartbreakers
Released: 1984
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 98 min
Country: USA
Language: English

Plot Summary: Blue and Eli, two friends, have problems with women. Blue, a yet-to-be discovered painter is left by his longtime girlfriend, because she considers him too immature for a longlsting relationship. Eli on the other hand, who works in his father's aerobic suit business, is still searching for a woman who is interesting enough to spend more than one night with her. Their friendship is put to a severe test as both fall in love with Liliane, Blue's attractive new gallerist.

Comments: Stylish and smart. Stylishly directed, very well-acted, offbeat, adult film with good, complex characterizations and a terrific music score that pushes it forward. The only problems are a certain lack of direction (in the sense of destination and purpose), and some implausible scenes (the behavior of the French woman is rather totally unrealistic). Still, the film is never boring and deserved better than it got from the public.

Scene Description: Carole Laure wearing a see-through dress and then taking it off giving us a look at her breast before sitting down and kissing a guy for a bit

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Scene Description: Carole Laure removing her sweatshirt giving us a brief glimpse of her breasts and then making out with a guy in a car giving us a few more looks at her breasts.

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Carole has recorded several LPs in French and English, collaborating with Lewis Furey.

Carole Laure - Filmography
Below is a complete filmography (list of movies she's appeared in)

Primitifs (2002)
Fils de Marie, Les (2002) .... Marie
... aka Marie's Sons (2002) (International: English title)
Rats and Rabbits (2000) .... Rita

Elles ne pensent qu'à ça... (1994) .... Jess
... aka Women Have Only One Thing on Their Minds (1994)
Flight from Justice (1993) (TV) .... Dr. Ann Stephens
... aka Aventuriers d'Eden River, Les (1993) (TV) (France)
... aka Aventuriers..., Les (1993) (TV) (France)
... aka Justice à Eden River (1993) (TV)

Beau fixe sur Cormeilles (1989)
Thank You Satan (1989) .... France Monnier
... aka Oh! Oh! Satan! (1989)
Vie en couleurs, La (1989) (TV) .... Laura
Nuit avec Hortense, La (1988)
"Palace" (1988) (mini) TV Series .... La cliente à la mouche/Sylvie, la femme du service des rêves
... aka "Ça c'est palace" (1988) (mini) (France: rerun title)
Sweet Country (1986) .... Eva
... aka Glykeia patrida (1986) (Greece)
Sauve-toi, Lola (1986) .... Lola
Drôle de samedi (1985) .... Véronique
Night Magic (1985) .... Judy
Surrogate, The (1984) .... Anouk Van Derlin
... aka Blind Rage (1984)
Heartbreakers (1984) .... Liliane
Stress (1984) .... Nathalie
À mort l'arbitre (1984) .... Martine
... aka Kill the Referee (1984)
Maria Chapdelaine (1983) .... Maria Chapdelaine
Croque la vie (1981) .... Thérèse
Victory (1981/I) .... Renee, French Underground
... aka Escape to Victory (1981)
Un assassin qui passe (1981) .... Pauline Klein
... aka Assassin Passes By, An (1981)
Asphalte (1981) .... Juliette
... aka Asphalt (1981)
Fantastica (1980) .... Lorca

Au revoir à lundi (1979) .... Lucie Leblanc
... aka Bye, See You Monday (1979)
... aka See You Monday (1979)
Inside Out (1979) (TV)
Jument vapeur, La (1978) .... Armelle Bertrand
... aka Dirty Dishes (1978)
Préparez vos mouchoirs (1978) .... Solange
... aka Get Out Your Handkerchiefs (1978) (USA)
... aka Get Your Handkerchiefs Ready (1978)
Menace, La (1977) .... Julie Manet
... aka Threat, The (1977)
Ange et la femme, L' (1977) .... Girl
... aka Angel and the Woman, The (1977)
Eau chaude, l'eau frette, L' (1976) .... Amoureuse
... aka Pacemaker and a Sidecar, A (1976)
Magnum Special per Tony Saitta, Una (1976) .... Louise Saitta
... aka .44 Special (1976)
... aka Blazing Magnums (1976)
... aka Shadows in an Empty Room (1976)
... aka Special Magnum for Tony Saitta, A (1976)
... aka Strange Shadows in an Empty Room (1976)
... aka Tough Tony Saitta (1976) (Europe: English title)
Born for Hell (1976) .... Amy
... aka Né pour l'enfer (1976) (Canada: French title)
... aka Naked Massacre (1984) (USA)
Thousand Moons, A (1975)
Tête de Normande St-Onge, La (1975) .... Normande St-Onge
... aka Head of Normande St. Onge, The (1975) (Canada: English title)
... aka Normande (1975) (USA)
Sweet Movie (1974) .... Miss Monde 1984/Miss Canada
Corps célestes, Les (1973) .... Rose-Marie
... aka Heavenly Bodies, The (1973) (USA)
Mort d'un bûcheron, La (1973) .... Marie Chapdeleine
... aka Death of a Lumberjack, The (1973) (Canada: English title)
"Porteuse de pain, La" (1973) (mini) TV Series .... Marie Harmant
Series 4 (1972)
... aka Série 4 (1972) (Canada: French title)
IXE-13 (1972) .... Shaïra
Fleur bleue (1971) .... Suzanne
... aka Apprentice, The (1971)
Mon enfance à Montréal (1971) (as Carole Lord)

Carole Laure - Notable TV Guest Appearances
"Rive droite - rive gauche" (1997) playing "Herself" 3 April 2003
"Nuls, l'émission, Les" (1990) playing "Herself" (episode # 1.7) 24 November 1990