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birth date:
March 18, 1960

birth place:
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Claudia Udy is an American actress noted for her roles in such films as
To the Death (1993), Thieves of Fortune (1990), Nightslave (1989), Dragonard (1987) and Joy (1983).

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. Claudia Udy

Dragonard (1987)

Title: Dragonard
Released: 1987
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 86 min
Country: UK
Language: English

Plot Summary: On the West Indies island of St. Joseph, a decadent colonial officer and a wily madam rule with an iron hand. The island's brutalized slaves set fire to a local plantation and let loose chaos.

Comments: Predictable slave film.

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Sister of Helene Udy.

Claudia Udy - Filmography
Below is a complete filmography (list of movies she's appeared in)

To the Death (1993) (as Claudia Udy-Harris) .... Carol Quinn
Thieves of Fortune (1990) .... Marissa

Nightslave (1989)
Master of Dragonard Hill (1989) .... Arabella
Edge of Sanity (1989) .... Liza
... aka Dr. Jekyll et Mr. Hyde (1989) (France)
Any Man's Death (1988) .... Laura
Captive Rage (1988) .... Chiga
... aka Fair Trade (1988) (USA: TV title)
Dragonard (1987) .... Arabella, the Governor's daughter
Nightforce (1987) .... Christy Hansen
... aka Night Force (1987) (USA: video box title)
Pink Chiquitas, The (1987) .... Helen Walkman
Savage Dawn (1985) .... Katie Rand
Out of Control (1985) .... Tina
Skullduggery (1983) .... Dolly
... aka Warlock (1983)
Joy (1983) .... Joy
American Nightmare (1983) .... Andrea
Funny Farm, The (1983) .... Jokios
Deux super-dingues (1982) .... Marie
... aka Heaven Help Us! (1982)