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birth date:
November 11, 1962

birth place:
Roswell, New Mexico, USA

Demi Moore is one of the hightest paid actresses in Hollywood.

She starred opposite Patrick Swayze in the hit movie Ghost and took it all off in Striptease.


. Demi Moore

Striptease (1996)

Title: Striptease
Released: 1996
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Crime / Thriller
Runtime: 115 min
Country: USA
Language: English

Tagline: Some People Get Into Trouble No Matter What They WEAR.

Plot Summary: Erin Grant loses care and custody of her daughter when she's divorced from her husband Darrell, a small-time thief. Struggling for money, she is a dancer at a nightclub, where one night Congressman Dilbeck (in disguise) attacks another member of the audience. A spectator, who recognizes Dilbeck and is fond of Erin, offers to get back her daughter by blackmailing Dilbeck. Things do not work out as planned, though.

Comments: Excellent. I have seen the movie and I think it is brilliant. Demi Moore is so sexy in it. Especially when she wears the white shirt in her first scene. I think she looks amazing while she is dancing around the pole with the white shirt on. Overall the movie is excellent and Demi Moore is a babe in it.

Scene Description: Demi Moore does a private topless dance on top of a table.

..Movie Stills

Scene Description: Demi Moore showing off her lovely breasts and butt in a thong as she does a private topless dance on top of a table.

..Movie Stills

Scene Description: Demi Moore showing off her amazing ass in thong underwear as she does the full splits on a chair while wearing a see-through bra. Part 1 of 2 of a very hot striptease sequence.

..Movie Stills

Scene Description: Demi Moore pumping her hips toward the camera while wearing a see through bra and panties, and then removing her bra to expose her breasts. Part 2 of 2 of a very hot striptease sequence.

..Movie Stills

Hired 3 cameramen to videotape the birth of her first child

Bruce and Demi announce they are ending their marriage of eleven years. No reasons given. [24 June 1998]

Chosen by People (USA) magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world [1996]

Has three daughters with Bruce Willis: Rumer Willis (b. 1988), 'Scout Larue Willis' (1991) and Tallulah Belle Willis (1994).

Was once engaged to Emilio Estevez

She posed nude while seven months pregnant for a 1991 'Vanity Fair' magazine cover. In August 1992, she again posed nude for 'Vanity Fair', this time wearing body paint that resembled a man's suit.

Had repeatedly plastic surgery to remove fat on hips, tummy and behind and to enlarge her breasts on the other side.

Stripped on "Late Show with David Letterman" (1993), allegedly to disprove rumors that she's too fat for her new movie Striptease (1996).

Owns a production company: "Moving Pictures"

She appeared in John Parr's "St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion)" music video.

Listed as one of twelve "Promising New Actors of 1986" in John Willis' Screen World, Vol. 38.

In order to play a coke addict, Jules, in _St. Elmo's Fire (1985)_ (qv), she had to sign a contract stipulating that she would stop her own alcohol and drug abuse, an agreement that caused her life to turn around.

Was one of three finalists for the lead in Flashdance (1983). No one could decide between the three, so a group of about 50 men was brought into a room, shown the three audition tapes and asked who they would want to sleep with the most. Jennifer Beals won by a landslide.

Was replaced by Sandra Bullock for the lead in While You Were Sleeping (1995).

Operations on her left eye during childhood caused her to wear a patch.

First actress to reach 10 million dollar mark salary.

Aunt of actors Cooper Guynes and Oliver Guynes.

Demi's real father, Charles Harmon, abandoned the family before she was born, which is why she didn't share his last name on her birth certificate.

Measurements: 33-22-33 (young model 1980), 36C-26-36 (in 1996), (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)

Continues to receive royalty checks for songs she wrote before becoming an actress.

Was spoofed in the video game "Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love For Sail" as hyper-sexual version of herself called "Dewmi (pronounced "Do Me") Moore".

First job was as a bill collector.

Personal quotes

"I want things to be the best they can be. I want greatness."

"There's this idea that if you take your clothes off, somehow you must have loose morals. There's still a negative attitude in our society towards women who use a strength that's inherent -- their femininity -- in any way that might be considered seductive." (Told to George magazine)"

"Look, when people came after me for doing 'Indecent Proposal' or 'Disclosure,' I thought, 'Ridiculous.' These people are trying to limit me as an actor. Are they saying I can't play these roles? Well, I've proved I can." (Told to Orange County Register)"

"I don't like to take my clothes off." (Told to Esquire in 1993)"

"I had no sense of who I was or what my ideas were." (Said about General Hospital days)"

"I said I would get better with each baby, and I have." (Told to Vanity Fair)"

"I'm sure there are a lot of people who think I'm a bitch." (Told to Vanity Fair)"

"The truth is you can have a great marriage, but there are still no guarantees." (Told to Vanity Fair)"

"I want things to be the best they can be. I want greatness." (Told to Vanity Fair in 1992)"

"I had an essence in my life that I was nothing." (Said about her childhood)"

"Emilio Estevez was definitely my first love." (Told to Cosmopolitan)"

"Marriage was a goal. A family, for me as a young girl, was my image of what I hoped for. It was part of the big picture." (Told to Vanity Fair in 1992)"

"It really isn't anybody's business how many people we have working for us. What's offensive is that I'm portrayed as this prima donna with these sycophants telling me how great I am all the time. Yes, they do work for me, but we're working together for a higher good."

"Our marriage is like anybody's marriage, It goes through ups and downs. It's a little garden that you have to tend all the time. When we're home, it's not like we walk around all dolled up going, "We are celebrities! We are famous!" I change diapers. I clean up dog doo. --Bruce Willis"

Demi Moore - Filmography
Below is a complete filmography (list of movies she's appeared in)

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003) .... Madison Lee
Hunchback of Notre Dame II, The (2002) (V) (voice) .... Esmeralda
Passion of Mind (2000) .... Marie/Martha 'Marty' Talmadge

Deconstructing Harry (1997) .... Helen
G.I. Jane (1997) .... Lt. Jordan O'Neil
Destination Anywhere (1997) (V) .... Janie
Beavis and Butt-head Do America (1996) (voice) .... Dallas Grimes
If These Walls Could Talk (1996) (TV) .... Claire Donnelly (segment "1952")
Striptease (1996) .... Erin Grant
Hunchback of Notre Dame, The (1996) (voice) .... Esmeralda
Juror, The (1996) .... Annie Laird
Now and Then (1995) .... Samantha Albertson
Scarlet Letter, The (1995) .... Hester Prynne
Disclosure (1994) .... Meredith Johnson
Indecent Proposal (1993) .... Diana Murphy
Few Good Men, A (1992) .... Lt. Cmdr. JoAnne Galloway
Butcher's Wife, The (1991) .... Marina Lemke
Mortal Thoughts (1991) .... Cynthia Kellogg
Nothing But Trouble (1991) .... Diane Lightson
Ghost (1990) .... Molly Jensen

We're No Angels (1989) .... Molly
New Homeowner's Guide to Happiness, The (1988) (V)
Seventh Sign, The (1988) .... Abby Quinn
Wisdom (1986) .... Karen Simmons
One Crazy Summer (1986) .... Cassandra Eldrich
About Last Night... (1986) .... Debbie
St. Elmo's Fire (1985) .... Jules Jacoby
Master Ninja I (1984) .... Holly Trumbull
No Small Affair (1984) .... Laura
Blame It on Rio (1984) .... Nicole 'Nikki' Hollins
"General Hospital" (1963) TV Series .... Jackie Templeton (1982-1983)
Young Doctors in Love (1982) (uncredited) .... New Intern
Parasite (1982) .... Patricia Welles
Choices (1981) .... Corri

Demi Moore - Notable TV Guest Appearances
"Extra" (1994) playing "Herself" 10 October 2003
"Will & Grace" (1998) playing "Sissy Palmer-Ginsburg" in episode: "Women and Children First" (episode # 5.15) 13 February 2003
"Love Chain" (2003) playing "Herself" (archive footage) in episode: "Ashton Kutcher" (episode # 1.6) 2003
"Ellen" (1994) playing "The Sample Lady" (uncredited) in episode: "The Puppy Episode: Part 2" (episode # 4.23) 30 April 1997
"Ellen" (1994) playing "The Sample Lady" (uncredited) in episode: "The Puppy Episode: Part 1" (episode # 4.22) 30 April 1997
"Clive Anderson All Talk" (1996) playing "Herself" (episode # 2.6) 1997
"Rosie O'Donnell Show, The" (1996) playing "Herself" 9 October 1996
"Tales from the Crypt" (1989) playing "Cathy Marno" in episode: "Dead Right" (episode # 2.1) 21 April 1990
"Moonlighting" (1985) playing "Woman in Elevator" in episode: "When Girls Collide" (episode # 5.10) 16 April 1989
"Saturday Night Live" (1975) playing "Host" (episode # 14.5) 12 November 1988
"Master, The" (1984) playing "Holly Trumball" in episode: "Max" (episode # 1.1) 20 January 1984