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birth date:
December 12, 1970

birth place:
Catskill Mountains, New York, USA

There is something to be said about being au naturel. And Jennifer is an all-natural beauty (and smart too).

Jennifer Connelly appeared on Fox's The Street for a season, and has appeared in over 20 movies, most notably Labyrinth, Requiem for a Dream, Dark City and A Beautiful Mind.

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. Jennifer Connelly

Hot Spot, The (1990)

Title: Hot Spot, The
Released: 1990
Genre: Drama / Romance
Runtime: 130 min
Country: USA
Language: English

Tagline: Safe is never sex. It's dangerous.

Plot Summary: A loner (Johnson) drives into a small Texas town and gets himself a job at a used car dealership. He gets an idea for robbing a small local bank after he tries to open a new bank account at the same time a fire occurs nearby. The bank was left open while all of the employees went to fight the fire. The manipulative boss' wife (Madsen) wishes to use him for her own purposes - "I always get what I want, Harry". He resists, however, as he finds himself falling in love with the accountant (Connelly) at work, who has her own problem to work out.

Comments: hot hot hot .....daaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmm it was hot! whew , this was a hot one!....as a movie buff who watches a lot of movies i can honestly say that this is one of the hottest real movies ever brought to screen.I always liked don johnson but this was is magnum opus performance it's was levels above anything else he ever did..jennifer connely was hot but her part was quiet and low key she did extremly well with role she was given. But virginia madsen was hot as hell...you know i always liked as a actress.....but man she burned a hole in my dvd player on this one......she generated heat that rivaled kathleen turner......and sharon stone not even close! this girl is sexy as hell......i haven't anything this hot and steamy since the big easy.....dennis hopper great great director

Scene Description: Jennifer Connelly in her very first nude scene as she is seen laying down on the sand by a lake, and then sitting side by side with Debra Cole, both girls topless.

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 The Hot Spot (DVD)
 The Hot Spot (VHS)
 The Hot Spot: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [SOUNDTRACK]
 (Audio CD)

Son, Kai, born. Father is photographer David Dugan. [July 1997]

Cut a single in Japan, which she sang in phonetic Japanese. She says her agent made up the idea that she is semi-fluent in the language.

Speaks fluent Italian and French.

Was born in Catskills Mountains and raised in Brooklyn Heights.

Was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine in 2002.

The character "Veronica" in "Heathers" was originally written with her in mind, but she turned the role down.

Daughter-in-law of actor Thane Bettany.

1st child with husband Paul Bettany, a son named Stellan, born 5 August 2003

Measurements: 34C/D-22-34 (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)

1st child with husband Paul Bettany, a son, born 5 August 2003.

She is of Irish, Polish, Norwegian and Russian descent.

Two sons: Kai Dugan and Stellan Bettany

Named her son Stellan after Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård

In three of her movies - Dark City (1998), Requiem for a Dream (2000), and House of Sand and Fog (2003) - she appears standing at the end of a pier in a striking image. All three directors created the shots for different reasons, and they are not an homage or reference to each other, just an unlikely coincidence.

Personal quotes

"I try to stay focused on my life and do try not to be brought into the Hollywood fantasy."

"[talking about her son]: "It's changed absolutely everything. I mean, it's changed my life. I think I've changed as a human being more since I've had Kai than in any other period in my life. It's such an incredible catalyst for growth. I found myself questioning absolutely everything: how I spend my time, how I speak, what kind of projects I work on, how I look at the world. I feel things differently, I hear things differently, I feel so much more grounded, I feel so much more myself. The last time I felt this comfortably seated in myself was when I was about eight, and I think that's largely because he's so present all the time, he's so pure. And he demands that of me. There's just so much less time for artifice, and I think that's really affected my work. And I think about it on a conscious level, I think about it in terms of the things that I want to do. I'm constantly reading things and I think, 'Is it worth it for me to spend this time away from him?' Because it's a big sacrifice for me to spend time away. Is the project worth it for me to do that? Is it responsible? Would I want him to see it? Is it going to add anything to the world? Is it going to add more confusion to the world? Will it bring any kind of light into the world? So I think about it on those levels, and then I just feel things so much more deeply. It's like this layer of skin that I had over myself has been removed."

"[on working with Billy Crudup]: "I adore him, and I love working with him,it's very fulfilling. Keith [Gordon] had a lot to do with that too:he gave us room to explore our characters, starting in the rehearsal process and continuing throughout the shooting process."

"[talking about how she became an actress]: "I was eleven when my agent came and said, 'They're having an audition for a part in Once Upon a Time in America.' It was shot in Brooklyn and Rome. I remember having my 12th birthday on the set in Rome. It was such a good experience, it made me want to do more. Then an Italian horror film came along and gave me an excuse and an opportunity to get back to Italy. I loved it. Then, in a few years, it began to change. I said, 'Do I really want to do this? Or am I just doing it because it came along?' So I took it all apart and put it back together and said, 'Yes, I want to be an actor."

"[talking about her career]: "I began working when I hadn't yet come into my own, when I was this walking puppet. Some of the movies I did...I look back and cringe. For better or for worse, I feel responsible now. In Requiem for a Dream, I'm a heroin addict, and I thought it was being made for a reason--it wasn't about shock value. It has something to say about hunger and a void."

"[talking about what she felt about the script of Requiem for a Dream]: "I was very much looking forward to doing it. When I read the script, it was something I really wanted to do. I thought the script was, in ways, really brilliant. It was so creative, it was so interesting. At the same time, I thought it was really brave. It was talking about really important issues."

"[talking about how she took the role she played in Requiem for a Dream out of her system]: "I was really looking forward to getting the role out of my system. I went on vacation afterwards to Costa Rica. I took my two-year-old, and my best friend, and we went and I floated in the ocean for two weeks to cleanse myself. It was hard, really hard to go through, emotionally. It was draining, sad, and uncomfortable."

"[talking about the films she did in the beginning of her career]: "I think a lot of it was the level that I was operating on at the time combined with people who were not interested in unearthing the ability in me. I just couldn't do those films anymore; I can't even watch them, it's like, 'Oh God, I can't believe that.' For me I feel like I've changed a lot more in the last few years. I only went to films that I wanted or felt good about: Waking the Dead, Requiem, and I haven't seen Pollock, so I don't know."

"Acting is great. When it works it is so fulfilling. You do the research and work with other talented people who are creative and compassionate and use all your faculties. The ability to express yourself completely is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Each film is a chapter in my life wherein I learn so much more about myself."

"I so much enjoy being able to completely allow myself to be consumed by a role, and really grow in the process,once you've done that, it's hard to go back working on things you don't care about."

"[talking about the films she did in the beginning of her career]: "You don't want to get rid of your experiences, because they're your experiences - good or bad - and you need them, but it would be great if they weren't on the video shelf!"

"[talking about her character in A Beautiful Mind]: "Alicia is the person who's trying to ground John Nash in reality and bring him home, literally, and back to what he was. In A Beautiful Mind, there are scenes that were painful and scary and sad. I didn't have to go through degradation as I did in Requiem for a Dream, but there is a lot of emotional terrain in this movie. There's a tragedy in the family, and it takes a toll on each of them as they try to live with each other."

"[talking about her son Kai]: "We've already done plays together. Very short plays. He dictates them to me. Sometimes he casts me, sometimes he doesn't. And when I'm in the play, he'll sometimes say to me, 'No Mom, you didn't say that right!"

"I wore a beautiful silver ballgown, which was a refreshing change from the blue jeans I wore in almost every other scene. It was really a gorgeous set, with masses of huge chandeliers and thousands of flickering candles, hundreds of silken cushions and curtains, and masses of people in strange masks and ornate dresses. There was the thrill of dancing with David Bowie to one of the songs he composed especially for the film. There wasn't enough room, for technical reasons, to really dance around properly, but we just drifted slowly and gracefully (I hope!) to David's music, and he looked fabulous! It's all a sort of magical fantasy sequence inside a huge bubble." -- Jennifer on "The Ball Room Dance" scene, her favorite from "Labyrinth"."

"[about her son]: "I don't think I would be doing this quality of work if it hadn't been for my son. He's changed me. He's helped me to understand myself and find my place in the world."

Jennifer Connelly - Filmography
Below is a complete filmography (list of movies she's appeared in)

House of Sand and Fog (2003) .... Kathy
Hulk (2003) .... Betty Ross
Beautiful Mind, A (2001) .... Alicia Larde Nash
"$treet, The" (2000) TV Series .... Catherine Miller
Pollock (2000) .... Ruth Kligman
Requiem for a Dream (2000) .... Marion Silver
... aka Delusion Over Addiction (2000)
Waking the Dead (2000/I) .... Sarah Williams

Dark City (1998) .... Emma Murdoch/Anna
Inventing the Abbotts (1997) .... Eleanor Abbott
Far Harbor (1996) .... Ellie
Mulholland Falls (1996) .... Allison Pond
Higher Learning (1995) .... Taryn
Of Love and Shadows (1994) .... Irene
... aka De amor y de sombras (1995) (Argentina) (Spain)
Heart of Justice, The (1993) (TV) .... Emma Burgess
Rocketeer, The (1991) .... Jenny Blake
Career Opportunities (1991) .... Josie McClellan
... aka One Wild Night (1991)
Hot Spot, The (1990/I) .... Gloria Harper

Étoile (1988) .... Claire Hamilton/Natalie Horvath
... aka Ballet (1988)
Some Girls (1988) .... Gabriella D'Arc
... aka Sisters (1988)
Labyrinth (1986) .... Sarah
Valley, The (1985) (V) .... Jennifer Corvino/Herself
Seven Minutes in Heaven (1985) .... Natalie Becker
... aka Deslices de joventud (1985) (USA: Spanish title: dubbed version)
Phenomena (1985) .... Jennifer Corvino
... aka Creepers (1985) (USA: US version)
Once Upon a Time in America (1984) .... Young Deborah
... aka C'era una volta in America (1984) (Italy)

Jennifer Connelly - Notable TV Guest Appearances
"Charlie Rose Show, The" (1991) playing "Herself" 17 December 2003
"Tinseltown.TV" (2002) playing "Herself" 11 October 2003
"Rosie O'Donnell Show, The" (1996) playing "Herself" 2 April 1997
"Tales of the Unexpected" (1979) playing "Young Girl" in episode: "Stranger in Town" (episode # 5.5) 23 May 1982