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birth date:
October 05, 1975

birth place:
Reading, Berkshire, England, UK

She's talented, beautiful, and seems to carry a chip on her shoulder, which means she has a spicy attitude to go along with her incredible acting skills.

Kate Winslet starred in Titanic, Sense and Sensibility, and a number of other British period pieces. She has also been nominated twice for an Academy Award.

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VHS Tape

Iris (2001 film)
Audio CD

Elegy for Iris
by John Bayley

Iris (UK Quad),
Movie-Original Poster, 40x30

Iris (UK Quad),
Movie-Original Poster, 40x30

Hideous Kinky

Hideous Kinky
VHS Tape

Hideous Kinky: Soundtrack
From The Motion Picture
Audio CD

Hideous Kinky: A Novel
by Esther Freud

Holy Smoke

Holy Smoke
VHS Tape

Holy Smoke : A Novel
by Anna Campion

Holy Smoke (1999 Film)
Audio CD

Heavenly Creatures

Heavenly Creatures
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Heavenly Creatures,
Movie-Original Poster, 26x40


VHS Tape


. Kate Winslet

Iris (2001)

Title: Iris
Released: 2001
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 91 min
Country: UK / USA
Language: English

Tagline: Her greatest talent was for life

Plot Summary: Iris, based on the life of revered British writer and philosopher Iris Murdoch, is a story of unlikely yet enduring love. As a young academic, teaching philosophy at Oxford, Murdoch (Kate Winslet/Judi Dench) meets and eventually falls in love with fellow professor John Bayley (Hugh Bonneville/Jim Broadbent), a man whose awkwardness seems in stark opposition to the spirited self-confidence of his future wife. The story unfolds as snippets of time, seen through Bayley's eyes. He recalls their first encounter over 40 years ago, activities they enjoyed doing together, and Iris' charismatic and individualistic personality. These images portray Murdoch as a vibrant young woman with great intellect and are contrasted with the novelist's later life, after the effects of Alzheimer's disease have ravaged her. Murdoch's great mind deteriorates until she is reduced to a mere vestige of her former self, unable to perform simple tasks and completely reliant on her at times frustrated yet devoted husband.

Comments: Shattering. This episodic story of Iris Murdoch, best selling novelist, and her husband John Bayley, is not for the faint-hearted. There are no illusions here, and those that seem to exist are shattered by grim reality.
The film pulls no punches, showing Iris as a self-absorbed, stream-of-consciousness woman who becomes ill with Alzheimer's disease. Her husband, in sickness and in health, seems to always be a step behind her. However, he is enthralled with her - totally devoted and ultimately alone.
Yet, this portrait is beautiful and episodic, filled with symbolism, wonderful flashbacks, and the threads of a relationship built and undone. The four leads are just wonderful, with Jim Broadbent deservedly receiving an Oscar for his performance. Superb cinematography, editing, and direction support the actors and the great script. Highly recommended. I give it 9 out of 10.

Scene Description: Kate Winslet seen nude underwater as she skinny dips with her lover in this title sequence.

..Movie Stills

Scene Description: Kate Winslet seen nude underwater.

..Movie Stills

Scene Description: Kate Winslet popping up out of the water nude, giving us a nice view of her breasts, then seen naked from behind as she emerges from the water, and finally seen completely nude from the side as she drips dry.

..Movie Stills

Scene Description: Kate Winslet seen nude running and jumping into the water - and then seen naked swimming around underwater with her lover.

..Movie Stills

Scene Description: Kate Winslet topless on top of a guy, riding him.

..Movie Stills
Available to buy:
 Iris (DVD)
 Iris (VHS)
 Elegy for Iris -- by John Bayley (Book)
 Iris (2001 film) [SOUNDTRACK] (Audio CD)
 Iris (UK Quad), Movie-Original Poster, 40x30
 Iris (UK Quad), Movie-Original Poster, 40x30

Heavenly Creatures (1994)

Title: Heavenly Creatures
Released: 1994
Genre: Drama / Romance
Runtime: 99 min / USA:108 min (uncut version)
Country: UK / Germany / New Zealand
Language: English

Tagline: The true story of a crime that shocked a nation.

Plot Summary: Based on the true story of Juliet Hulme and Pauline Parker, two close friends who share a love of fantasy and literature, who conspire to kill Pauline's mother when she tries to end the girls' intense and obsessive relationship.

Comments: A brilliant movie which shows the true story of a crime that shocked a nation.
Before Peter Jackson got into showing us how good a movie maker he was with the Lord of The Rings trilogy, he had made a very good movie 10 years ago, called Heavenly Creatures, an ironic title, as the people that we meet here are anything but 'Heavenly'. This is a truly unbelievable movie, as it shows two very unique friends, and how far they would go, to keep from being separated.

Scene Description: Kate Winslet completely nude in the bathtub.

..Movie Stills
Available to buy:
 Heavenly Creatures (DVD)
 Heavenly Creatures (VHS)
 Heavenly Creatures, Movie-Original Poster, 26x40

Holy Smoke (1999)

Title: Holy Smoke
Released: 1999
Genre: Drama / Comedy
Runtime: 115 min
Country: USA / Australia
Language: English

Tagline: He had only one thing on his mind... but so did she!

Plot Summary: While on a journey of discovery in exotic India, beautiful young Ruth Barron (Winslet) falls under the influence of a charismatic religious guru. Her desperate parents then hire PJ Waters (Keitel), a macho cult de-programmer who confronts Ruth in a remote desert hideaway. But PJ quickly learns that he's met his match in the sexy, intelligent and iron-willed Ruth!

Comments: This is a well crafted black comedy that will have you laughing when you really feel you shouldn't, and sympathising with characters you're trying hard to hate. Winslet and Keitel are superb as spoilt brat and sleazy father figure respectively, the viewer flicks regularly between pity and contempt for each; together with a wonderful white trash supporting cast and a cinematographer who just loves juxtaposing the OTT beauty of the Oz outback with the equally OTT interiors (and dress sense) of their middle class subjects. Apart from the appalingly tacked on epilogue this film was so much more than I expected, go rent it now.

Scene Description: Kate Winslet seen completely nude as she walks towards a guy, then we see them having sex, and finally we see Kate lying nude next to him before sitting up in bed to give us a nice look at her breasts.

..Movie Stills

..Movie Stills
Available to buy:
 Holy Smoke (DVD)
 Holy Smoke (VHS)
 Holy Smoke (1999 Film) [SOUNDTRACK] (Audio CD)
 Holy Smoke : A Novel -- by Anna Campion (Book)

Jude (1996)

Title: Jude
Released: 1996
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 123 min
Country: UK
Language: English

Tagline: His World Could Never Change... Until She Became His World.

Plot Summary: A stonemason steadfastly pursues a cousin he loves in this adaptation of the Thomas Hardy novel. However their love is troubled as he is married to a woman who tricks him into marriage and she is married to an abusive nobleman. Living out of wedlock, the two are rejected by the townspeople leaving them to struggle in abject poverty.

Comments: Lovely but dark.This is one of my favorite books by Thomas Hardy, so I rented this with trepidation- usually I'm let down by filmic adaptations, but in this case I was pleasantly surprised. Well, as pleasantly surprised as one can be for an unpleasant and difficult story such as this. It's a brutal experience, but worth going through, and all the actors are marvelous indeed. But save it for a night when you want a good cry, or just to feel sorry for yourself. It won't (or will) disappoint!

Scene Description: Kate Winslet removing her nightgown to reveal her fully nude body to a guy and then laying there for a bit showing off herself and getting him to take his clothes off. He then gets on top of her and takes a moment to suck hard on each one of her breasts and nipples before kissing her and starting to have sex in a longer and much higher quality version of her infamous nude love scene from Jude.

..Movie Stills
Available to buy:
 Jude (DVD)
 Jude (VHS)

Titanic (1997)

Title: Titanic
Released: 1997
Genre: Drama / Romance
Runtime: 194 min
Country: USA
Language: English / French / German / Swedish

Tagline: Nothing On Earth Could Come Between Them.

Plot Summary: Its name stirs the imagination... Titanic. The unsinkable ship. The unimaginable catastrophe. The untold stories that lay in mystery two and a half miles beneath the waves of the North Atlantic. What buried tale of love, bravery, treasure and treachery, hidden by time and tragedy, waits here to be discovered? A beautiful socialite. A penniless artist. A priceless diamond. A romance so passionate that nothing on earth could stop it. A destiny so incredible that no one could have imagined it. A collision of lives that could only have happened on Titanic, the ship of dreams. The secrets are about to unfold...

Comments: Striking motion picture in every department, from the stunning visual effects right down to Gloria Stuart's wonderful performance of an aged survivor of the 1912 disaster where over 1,500 lives were lost. Winner 11 Academy Awards, including the Best Picture of 1997. What else can be said...other than masterpiece!

Scene Description: Kate Winslet laying on a couch fully nude while posing for a sketch.

..Movie Stills

Hideous Kinky (1998)

Title: Hideous Kinky
Released: 1998
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 98 min
Country: UK / France / Morocco
Language: English / French / Arabic

Tagline: It's not just an adventure... It's a love affair.

Plot Summary: Hideous Kinky is set in a time about 30 years ago when it was not uncommon for young British free-thinkers to cross into the next continent with virtually nothing in their pockets. They left their proper schooling and part-time jobs behind to make their trek into a poor, desert country in Africa in search of themselves and their spirituality. And so this story begins with a young English hippie woman who has brought her two young daughters with her on her journey. Though the book is narrated by the youngest of the two daughters, it is not yet clear that this is so in the screenplay version of Hideous Kinky.

Comments: Delightful surprise! I never understand what other people look for in films so I never quite understand negative reviews of quality movies. To me, I just love it when a story comes at me out of nowhere, like it does in Hideous Kinky, and dishes up characters I have to work at to understand. I also love photography, especially when someone goes to obvious great lengths to put together breathtaking scenes. Kate Winslet is stunning to watch, as always, and her character is artfully portrayed with both painful honesty and dignity. The two little girls, played by Bella Riza and Carrie Mullan, absolutely stole every scene they were in and the movie is probably worth watching just for the two of them being in it. Hideous Kinky is a great example of what good storytelling is all about and I give the director, Gillies MacKinnon, a perfect "10" for the effort.

Scene Description: Kate Winslet's lovely bare breasts shaking as she lays in bed topless while a guy feeds her fruit.

..Movie Stills
Available to buy:
 Hideous Kinky (DVD)
 Hideous Kinky (VHS)
 Hideous Kinky: Soundtrack From The Motion Picture [SOUNDTRACK] (Audio CD)
 Hideous Kinky: A Novel -- by Esther Freud (Book)

Daughter Mia was born (in England) on the 12th October 2000, weighing in at 8 pounds 9 ounces.

Kate met husband, James Threapleton, on the set of her movie Hideous Kinky (1998), where he was working as an assistant director.

Won a Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album for Children (2000).

Turned down the Gwyneth Paltrow role in _Shakesepeare in Love (1998)_ and the Jodie Foster role in Anna and the King (1999).

Has very large feet and wears size 10 shoes.

At age 11 began attending the acting school Redroofs in Maidenhead, England, UK.

Dated Rufus Sewell.

Sister of Anna Winslet and Beth Winslet.

The youngest actress ever to be nominated for two Academy Awards (for Sense and Sensibility (1995) and Titanic (1997)). [1998]

Dated Stephen Tredre. [1991-1995]

Her first acting job was dancing with the Honey Monster in a commercial for Sugar Puffs cereal.

Nominated for Best Supporting Actress, Manchester Evening News Award for her role in "What the Butler Saw."

Chosen by People (USA) magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. [1996]

Won Best British Actress, Empire Magazine Awards for Heavenly Creatures (1994).

Younger brother, Joss.

Parents: Roger Winslet (actor) and Sally Bridges-Winslet.

After her first success in the film Heavenly Creatures (1994) a reviewer predicted that she would always be associated with that character, and would never be a big star.

Recorded a song for the soundtrack for the movie Christmas Carol: The Movie (2001). Producers were so impressed at her efforts they have decided to release the ballad - called "What If?" - as a single. It reached the top ten in the UK. [June 2001]

Announced that she and husband James Threapleton are splitting up. [3 September 2001]

[November 2001] Confirms that she is dating director Sam Mendes.

Recently purchased a $3 million (American dollars) home in London with boyfriend Sam Mendes.

Holds a unique position in Academy Awards history. Only twice have two actresses being nominated for playing the same role in the same film. The first was Gloria Stuart and Kate in Titanic (1997). The second was Judi Dench and Kate in _Iris (2001)_ .

In talks to provide the voice for Juliet in an animated film called "Gnomeo and Juliet". [2003]

Married director Sam Mendes in a private ceremony whilst on holiday in the West Indies in May, 2003.

Daughter Mia's name is Italian for "mine".

Has sung in 5 of her films

Prefers to wear boots rather than ordinary shoes because it makes her feel that her feet are "firmly on the ground."

Missed the premiere of Titanic (1997) because she was attending the funeral of close friend and former boyfriend, Stephen Tredre.

Son, Joe Mendes, was born on December 22, 2003, in New York, and weighed 7 pounds and 13 ounces.

Resides in both London, England and New York City, America.

Has a nephew, George.

Personal quotes

"I'd rather do theater and British films than move to LA in hopes of getting small roles in American films."

"In 2002 she had this to say about doing nude scenes: "I like exposing myself. There's not an awful lot that embarrasses me. I'm the kind of actress that absolutely believes in exposing myself."

"[talking about her screen debut in Heavenly Creatures]: "I was reading the script in the back of the car and I turned to my dad and yelled, 'I've GOT to get this!' And he replied, 'Then you will.' And I thought, 'Yep, that's it. I'm bloody well going to.' And that was it. I was so determined. It was something crucial to my life. I just so communicated with her, the story and their relationship. And when I found out, I just couldn't believe it. I was so happy, I cried. I remember I was working part-time at a deli at the time because I didn't have any money and was in the middle of making a sandwich when they phoned and said I'd got the job. I burst into tears and had to leave work because I couldn't control myself. It was absolutely brilliant."

"I'm not a period babe. Not at all."

"Since I was 13 or 14 I've always felt older than I actually am."

"It's funny when someone says to you 'you're hot' and all that, because I don't think of it in that way."

"I'm a bit famous now! It's a bit strange!"

"Life is short, and it is here to be lived."

"There's more to life than cheek bones."

"Loving someone is setting them free, letting them go."

"Just because society, and government, and whatever was different 100 years ago, doesn't mean that people didn't have sex, pick their nose, or swear."

"Plastic surgery and breast implants are fine for people who want that, if it makes them feel better about who they are. But, it makes these people, actors especially, fantasy figures for a fantasy world. Acting is about being real being honest."

"The whole concept of 'grounding' children is utterly stupid - they just go off and rebel and don't like you. When my kids eventually come along, I don't want them to not like me."

"Mum and dad were very much friends, and up to life. There was no anxiety for anything when I was growing up, they just taught me to be me"

"I love that people feel they can approach me."

"I find it very difficult to wear nice, pretty shoes. I'm much more comfortable in boots or Birkenstocks or loafers."

"Because of the person I am I won't be knocked down--ever. They can do what they like," she says. "They can say I'm fat, I'm thin, I'm whatever, and I'll never stop. I just won't. I've got too much to do. I've too much to be happy about."

"As long as you give them what they want, they love you." (On the paparazi.)"

"When I was in India, one of my ankles was extremely swollen because it had been bittten by some bug. Well, I was standing in the water, watching this festival that celebrates the god Shiva. Five minutes later, my ankle wasn't swollen anymore. I'm absolutely serious."

"Thank God for British films - they don't care what shape you are."

"The female roles are just stronger in period films. I read as many contemporary scripts as I do period ones, but the period ones just get me every time."

"My feeling about why I like making films is you can come away from a film feeling so changed and touched. I really love that, the thought that I could be giving people a lot."

"At some stage I'm going to have to say Right, that's it. I'm stopping for a bit."

"It's very important for me to make the statement that I am English and just because I've done one really big film, it doesn't mean that I don't want to keep a finger in the fantastic British film industry and do films like this."

"But, personally, I don't think I've ever changed. I never wanted to be a film star. I love my job, that's all I can say. And God knows there are people on film crews that work longer and harder than I do."

"Quite frankly that stuff doesn't interest me. I'm not saying go away Hollywood because I happen to think Hollywood is an extraordinary place full of amazing creativity that creates history every year."

"I don't want to now have nothing to do with Hollywood, but I don't want to be the kind of actor who just does lots of big films. I love acting and I always want to love it and it can be destructive to just do those sort of films."

"I've never had a career agenda, as such. I just make the films I want to make. I wanted to make Titanic because I loved the script and I loved the character. If other people agree, that's fine by me!"

"Fame's a funny thing and it's taken a lot of getting used to, especially the privacy thing and having to think about everything that you do."

"It's extraordinary and bizarre and I'm as fascinated by fame as much as anyone. But it seems daft that I'm famous and I've not really got to grips with that. It's a mixed blessing, but along with the problems to get career opportunities like this is really great and I'm very lucky."

"Being a film star is very much a label and these days it's not about being a good actor or not, it's about the size of your breasts, the shape of your body and whether you've had a nose job."

"I was on the tube just before Christmas. and this girl turned round to me and said, `Are you Kate Winslet? And I said, `Well, yes. I am actually'. And she said, `And you're getting the tube?' And I said, `Yes'. And she said, `Don't you have a big car that drives you around?' And I said, `No'. And she was absolutely stunned that I wasn't being driven round in some flash car all the time. It was ludicrous."

"I was so fat! I can't believe it!"

"I am so not fat. I'm fit. I'm healthy. I feel so much more comfortable this way. For God's sake, don't argue with nature!"

"I am who I am. I'm healthy. I swim a mile every day. I'll never be a stick insect, and I wouldn't want to be either because it seems to me that a lot of people who are very thin are just really unhappy."

"I feel for those people (anorexics) because they're being screwed up by what is said to be beautiful and successful these days, thin and pretty, and it's just bollocks."

"I had a time in my life when I was about 19 and I was very thin and I wasn't eating. I was anorexic for about six months. And I was so unhappy. And someone said to me one day, 'Don't you realize how much of your day you are spending thinking about your physicality?' And it was so true. I realized I'd wake up in the morning, the first thing I do I would look in the mirror: 'Oh, my bum looks big. Oh, my face is fat.' And I just felt, 'What am I doing to my life? I can't even think about others."

"When I was 18 and 19 and 20, I would weigh myself and write it down in my diary. I'm not that person now. I have that feeling of not caring. I'm just happy being me."

Kate Winslet - Filmography
Below is a complete filmography (list of movies she's appeared in)

J.M. Barrie's Neverland (2004) .... Sylvia Llewelyn Davies
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) .... Clementine Kruczynski
Plunge: The Movie (2003) .... Clare
Life of David Gale, The (2003) .... Bitsey Bloom
... aka Leben des David Gale, Das (2003) (Germany)
War Game (2001) (voice) .... Mum/Annie
Iris (2001/I) .... Young Iris Murdoch
Christmas Carol: The Movie (2001) (voice) .... Belle
... aka Weihnachtsmärchen, Ein (2001) (Germany)
Enigma (2001) .... Hester Wallace
... aka Enigma - Das Geheimnis (2002) (Germany)
Quills (2000) .... Madeleine 'Maddy' LeClerc
... aka Quills - Macht der Besessenheit (2001) (Germany)

Faeries (1999) (voice) .... Brigid
Holy Smoke (1999) .... Ruth Barron
... aka Holy Smoke! (2000) (USA: video box title)
Hideous Kinky (1998) .... Julia
... aka Marrakech express (1998) (France)
Titanic (1997) .... Rose DeWitt Bukater
Hamlet (1996) .... Ophelia
... aka William Shakespeare's Hamlet (1996)
Jude (1996) .... Sue Bridehead
Sense and Sensibility (1995) .... Marianne Dashwood
Kid in King Arthur's Court, A (1995) .... Princess Sarah
Heavenly Creatures (1994) .... Juliet Hulme
... aka Heavenly Creatures: The Uncut Version (1994) (USA: longer version)
"Get Back" (1992) TV Series .... Eleanor Sweet
Anglo Saxon Attitudes (1991) (TV)
"Dark Season" (1991) TV Series .... Reet

Kate Winslet - Notable TV Guest Appearances
"Frids film" (2002) playing "Herself" 1 May 2003
"Seitenblicke" (1988) playing "Herself" in episode: "Oscar Nominations" 19 March 2002
"GMTV" (1993) playing "Herself" 14 January 2002
"Priory, The" (1999) playing "Herself" (episode # 1.1) 9 November 1999
"Clive James Show, The" (1998) playing "Herself" (episode # 1.1) 8 March 1998
"Clive Anderson All Talk" (1996) playing "Herself" (episode # 3.3) 1998
"Casualty" (1986) playing "Suzanne" in episode: "Family Matters" (episode # 7.21) 6 February 1993