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birth date:
November 24, 1978

birth place:
Washington D.C., USA

Katherine Heigl epitomizes the kind of woman that every man dreams of one day marrying. She's smart, beautiful and talented... did we mention beautiful?

Katherine Heigl starred opposite Gerard Depardieu in My Father, The Hero, and can now be seen in the popular sci-fi drama Roswell.

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100 Girls

100 Girls

Bug Buster

Bug Buster
VHS Tape

Bug Buster
VHS Tape


. Katherine Heigl

Bug Buster (1998)

Title: Bug Buster
Released: 1998
Genre: Action / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi
Runtime: 93 min
Country: USA
Language: English

Tagline: There's something creepy in the neighborhood...

Plot Summary: A small lakeside resort community is beset by roaches. Big killer roaches that reproduce in dark moist places, and can grow to 10' foot long. The local sheriff may or may not be using them as part of his land-grab scheme. The locals eventually call in an over-the-top bug exterminator to relieve themselves of their problem.

Comments: Simply stunning...This has to be one of the finest horror/sci-fi movies- wait- the best MOVIE of all time! Clearly a landmark in film direction and acting, with a whole array of wonderful special effects to look on in amazement. Definitely gets a 9.5/10, id recommend this to anyone who wants a film with good all round acting, suspense, and special effects.

Scene Description: Katherine Heigl of Roswell fame in the shower from Bug Buster.

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 Bug Buster (DVD)
 Bug Buster (VHS)
 Bug Buster (VHS)

100 Girls (2000)

Title: 100 Girls
Released: 2000
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 94 min
Country: USA
Language: English

Tagline: He met the girl of his dreams. If only he can meet her again.

Plot Summary: A College Freshman meets his dream girl in a dorm elevator during a blackout. They make love, and he falls for her without ever seeing her face. Now he has one goal in life, to find his mystery girl amongst the 100 female suspects.

Comments: A fun little college campus romp for the guys. "100 Girls" is a slightly naive comedy romp about a college freshman who has sex with an unknown coed on an elevator during a blackout and then spends the entire run time searching the girls' dorm for his "Cinderella". Tucker is at the center of this fun little romp which is chock full of babes but has little nudity, no raunch, and some heart. Unsophisticated but fun, creative though cliche, "100 Girls" aptly dignifies women without deifying them during the self-narrated dissertation on the difference between the sexes. Most likely to be enjoyed by college age men and older guys, like me, who remember their college years with nostalgia.

Scene Description: Katherine Heigl wearing a red bra and showing a lot of jiggling cleavage as she straddles a guy and yells at him.

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100 Girls on DVD
100 Girls on VHS

Was with the Elite Modelling Agency.

Has two older brothers, Holt and Jason; and older sister, Meg.

Auditioned for all 3 female leads on "Roswell" (1999) before being cast as Isabel.

She is half Irish and half German. She has green eyes.

Former model.

Began dating Joey Lawrence in 1994. They met at Seventeen Magazine's 50th Anniversary party.

Graduated from New Canaan High School class of 1996.

Beat out Alicia Silverstone for the lead role in My Father the Hero (1994).

Her brother Jason died when Katherine was young.

Played the cello in High School.

Engaged to former _'Roswell (1999)'_ costar Jason Behr (2003).

Personal quotes

There are still men who come up to me today and say, "You were really hot in that film!" I was 14, for God's sake!

"A girl told me my lips looked like somebody had pressed strawberry yogurt against my face."

"Guys are kind of retarded until they're about 30."

"I prefer a kiss that is so much more than just a tongue in your mouth"

"It's more fun to think that there are other worlds."

"I actually did it for a role that fell through ... [that] called for a more sophisticated look."

"I just went for it. I've been wanting to cut my hair forever! I just think it looks better. I'm a better brunette than blonde, I think."

"It's been a tough couple of years, because I think there hasn't been a lot of development for her."

"I think we're stepping away from that a little bit. I think she rebels a little bit. And she says, 'I'm living my life my way. You can't tell me what to do, no matter what you think. And I appreciate your love and support, but back off.' ... This season is going to be a lot of fun for me. I'm really excited about it. The opportunity to develop a different side of Isabel, a more flirty and fun-loving and joyous side. She's been so afraid and so vulnerable and just not really truly living her life for all this time. And I think this season is the opportunity for her to branch out, to find her roots."

Katherine Heigl - Filmography
Below is a complete filmography (list of movies she's appeared in)

Romy and Michele: In the Beginning (2003) (TV) .... Romy White
Vegas Dick (2003) (TV)
Wuthering Heights (2003) (TV) (as Katherine M. Heigl) .... Isabel
Critical Assembly (2003) (TV) .... Aizy
... aka Ground Zero (2003) (TV) (USA)
Descendant (2003) .... Ann Hedgerow/Emily Hedgerow
... aka Descendent, Descendent (2003) (USA)
Evil Never Dies (2003) (TV) .... Eve
Love Comes Softly (2003) (TV) .... Marty Claridge
Valentine (2001) .... Shelley Fisher
100 Girls (2000) .... Arlene, the Competitive Tomboy

"Roswell" (1999) TV Series .... Isabel Amanda Evans Ramirez
... aka "Roswell High" (1999) (UK) (USA: working title)
Bug Buster (1998) .... Shannon Griffin
... aka Some Things Never Die (1998) (UK: video title)
Tempest, The (1998) (TV) .... Miranda Prosper
Bride of Chucky (1998) .... Jade
Stand-ins (1997) .... Taffy-Rita Hayworth's Stand-in
Prince Valiant (1997) .... Princess Ilene
... aka Prinz Eisenherz (1997) (Germany)
Wish Upon a Star (1996) .... Alexia Wheaton
Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995) .... Sarah Ryback
... aka Under Siege 2 (1995)
My Father the Hero (1994) .... Nicole
... aka My father, ce héros (1994) (France)
King of the Hill (1993) .... Christina Sebastian
That Night (1992) .... Kathryn
... aka One Hot Summer (1992)

Katherine Heigl - Notable TV Guest Appearances
"Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, The" (1999) playing "Herself" 7 April 2003
"Twilight Zone, The" (2002) playing "Andrea Collins" in episode: "Cradle of Darkness" (episode # 1.5) 2 October 2002
"Crossing Over with John Edward" (1999) playing "Herself" 8 August 2002
"Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The" (1992) playing "Herself" 1 August 1995
"Late Night with Conan O'Brien" (1993) playing "Herself" 18 July 1995