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birth date:
June 08, 1973

birth place:
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Lexa is the star of the TV show Andromeda.

Lexa Doig has appeared in a wide variety of films including; Jason X (2001), No Alibi (2000), Teen Sorcery (1999) and Jungleground (1995).


. Lexa Doig

No Alibi (2000)

Title: No Alibi
Released: 2000
Genre: Thriller / Drama / Mystery
Runtime: 90 min
Country: USA / Canada
Language: English

Plot Summary: A businessman becomes the target for a ruthless criminal who mistakes him for the thief who stole his drug money.

Comments: Interesting. This movie was a very slow starting movie, but it picked up when it counted. Dean Cain was superb Eric Roberts not the best actor there is but had a good performance as well. The story moved along at a good pace once it picked up. All in all a good movie.

Scene Description: Andromeda star Lexa Doig lying topless in bed as a guy kisses her nice breasts. We then see her topless again as she rides him in a chair, and then in a few more positions during this good love scene.

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Scene Description: Lexa Doig wearing a blonde wig and a red bra, which a guy removes to expose her right breast as he has hard sex with him while she sits on a bathroom counter.

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Tracker, The (2001)

Title: Tracker, The
Released: 2001
Genre: Action
Runtime: 90 min
Country: USA
Language: English

Plot Summary: Spears, a private detective working in L.A. receives word from an old friend that the friend's sister (and Spears' ex-girlfriend), Kim, has been kidnapped by a criminal gang. At first, Spears doesn't want to get involved, especially when he finds out that his friend's family is mixed up with the Chinese Mafia, but the feelings he still has for Kim lead him to return to New York and try to rescue her. When he arrives, he learns that Kim is caught in the middle of a war with the Russian Mafia, and that her life now depends on him.

Comments: Just my thoughts. Ok well I enjoyed this movie, it seemed to have everything in it. It had twists plots, and even a bit of a laugh, but still great movie. Casper brings great life into the character, and as always Casper makes the film so much more enjoyable.

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Her father, David, is of English and Scottish ancestry. Mother Gloria is Filipina. She has an older brother named Ted.

Divides her time between Vancouver (where she works) and Toronto (where she grew up).

Her cousin is actor Rey-Phillip Santos.

Cousin of Rowland Santos.

Lexa Doig - Filmography
Below is a complete filmography (list of movies she's appeared in)

"Human Cargo" (2004) (mini) TV Series .... Rachel Sanders
Jason X (2001) .... Rowan
Tracker, The (2000/I) .... Kim Chang
"Andromeda" (2000) TV Series .... Andromeda/Rommie
... aka "Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda" (2000) (USA: complete title)
No Alibi (2000) .... Camille Valenz
Code Name Phoenix (2000) (TV) .... Conchita Flores

Teen Sorcery (1999) .... Mercedes
"CI5: The New Professionals" (1998) TV Series .... Tina Backus
While My Pretty One Sleeps (1997) (TV) .... Tse Tse
... aka Mary Higgins Clark's While My Pretty One Sleeps (1997) (TV) (USA: complete title)
"Flash Gordon" (1996) TV Series (voice) .... Dale Arden
"Traders" (1996) TV Series .... M.J. Sullivan
Jungleground (1995) .... Spider
"TekWar" (1994) TV Series .... Cowgirl
TekWar: TekLords (1994) (TV) .... Cowgirl
TekWar (1994) (TV) .... Cowgirl
... aka TekWar: The Movie (1994) (TV)
... aka TekWar: The Original Movie (1994) (TV)
"Video & Arcade Top 10" (1991) TV Series .... Host

Lexa Doig - Notable TV Guest Appearances
"Starhunter 2300" (2003) in episode: "Kate" (episode # 2.15) 14 February 2004
"Chris Isaak Show, The" (2001) playing "Detective Lucy Ramirez" in episode: "Home of the Brave" (episode # 2.13) 11 June 2002
"Earth: Final Conflict" (1997) playing "Joan Price" in episode: "Abduction" (episode # 3.21) 8 May 2000
"F/X: The Series" (1996) playing "Reporter" in episode: "French Kiss" (episode # 1.10) 7 November 1996
"Taking the Falls" (1995) playing "Netta" in episode: "From Russia with Love" (episode # 1.12) February 1996
"Ready or Not" (1993) playing "Receptionist" in episode: "Glamour Girl" (episode # 4.4) 1996