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birth date:
March 10, 1958

birth place:
Meadville, Pennsylvania, USA

Sharon Stone is one of Hollywood's most famous and powerful actresses. She has appeared in Basic Instinct, The Specialist, Total Recall, Casino, and Sphere.

Sharon first garnered the public's attention with the infamous "leg crossing" scene from Basic Instinct.

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. Sharon Stone

Basic Instinct (1992)

Title: Basic Instinct
Released: 1992
Genre: Mystery / Crime / Thriller
Runtime: 123 min / UK:122 min / USA:128 min (unrated version)
Country: USA
Language: English

Tagline: Flesh seduces. Passion kills.

Plot Summary: Former rock star and San Francisco nightclub owner Johnny Boz is found murdered in his bed. Detective Nick Curran is assigned to the case; he has a history of alcoholism and drug abuse although he is clean now. The prime suspect is Catherine Tramell, an attractive and manipulative novelist who had been seeing Boz for a while. Police psychiatrist Beth Gardner (who happens to be Nick's ex-girlfriend) is brought in on the case when it is discovered that Boz's murder was copied directly from one of Catherine's novels. Nick starts to get too involved and everyone seems to be a suspect.

Comments: Wow, I didn't know if I was watching a movie or a porno. If it was a porno, it actually had a decent plot. I enjoyed "Basic Instinct". It reminded me a little of "Fatal Attraction" meets "Dangerous Liasons". Michael and Sharon are hot together on the silver screen. It had high mystery and intense thrills. Defiantly not a movie for kids. But a good adult thriller. 8/10

Scene Description: Sharon Stone giving us a tantalizing close-up view between her legs as she crosses them while wearing no underwear in this famous scene.

..Movie Stills

Scene Description: Sharon Stone nude as she rolls over on top of Michael Douglas and then rides him in this sex scene.

..Movie Stills
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 Basic Instinct: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Audio CD)
 Basic Instinct, Wall Poster, 27x38
 Sharon Stone - Basic Instinct, Color Glossy Photo, 8x10

Scissors (1991)

Title: Scissors
Released: 1991
Genre: Thriller
Runtime: 105 min
Country: USA
Language: English

Plot Summary: After a young woman is attacked in the elevator she meets her neighbours (two brothers) for the first time. One of the brothers has a secret, the other has a crush on her. Her analyst tries to help her over the attack, but when she is invited to a mysterious apartment things get worse and worse.

Comments: Scissors is a tense psychological thriller where a disturbed woman (Sharon Stone) is trapped in an apartment by an unseen intruder in an attempt to drive her crazy. This film relied heaveily on Stone's dramatic acting and honestly she created a very believable and sympathetic character. She had to carry this film by herself basically and she pulled it off well.

Scene Description: Sharon Stone in an early film, standing topless in front of a mirror as she changes shirts.

..Movie Stills

Specialist, The (1994)

Title: Specialist, The
Released: 1994
Genre: Thriller / Action / Drama
Runtime: 110 min
Country: USA / Peru
Language: English

Tagline: The government taught him to kill. Now he's using his skills to help a woman seek revenge against the Miami underworld.

Plot Summary: May Munro is a woman obsessed with getting revenge on the people who murdered her parents when she was still a girl. She hires Ray Quick, a retired explosives expert to kill her parent's killers. When Ned Trent, embittered ex-partner of Quick's is assigned to protect one of Quick's potential victims, a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues.

Comments: Rated 8; 6 1/2 for its other merits and 1 1/2 for numerous shots of Sharon Stone in short skirts showing those incomparable legs. The story line is pretty good, if somewhat similar to many other Stallone films. The special effects are spectacular when bombs start exploding, although there are too many shots of bomb explosions. However, any movie featuring Sharon Stone in very short skirts displaying those imcomparable legs can't be too bad. The Stallone/ Stone romance is pretty improbable, but the love scenes are well done.

Scene Description: Sharon Stone nude in the shower as she soaps Sylvester Stallone, and then they embrace each other and kiss.

..Movie Stills

Chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history (#49). [1995]

Sharon & husband Phil Bronstein, a newspaperman, adopted a child they named Roan Joseph Bronstein, born 22 May 2000 in Texas. He weighed 5 pounds, 6 ounces, and was adopted by Stone and Bronstein a week after birth. His first name is Celtic for "seal", and his middle name is a tribute to Stone's father. [July 2000]

Playboy Magazine's 100 Sexiest Stars of the Century Number 24 [1999]

Entered Pennsylvania's Edinboro University at age 15.

IQ of 154 (Source: The Times, March 25th, 1998)

Ranked #77 in Empire (UK) magazine's "The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time" list. [October 1997]

Reported to be dating Columbia Pictures production boss, Barry Josephson [November 1996]

Engaged to producer Bill Macdonald [1993-1994]

Former "Ford" Model.

Owns her own production company, Chaos.

Lives in Beverly Hills.

Went to school at Saegertown High School, Saegertown, PA.

Has a visible scar on her neck that is usually covered by clothing.

Has one older brother, one younger brother, and a younger sister (Kelly Stone).

Auditioned for the Cathy Moriarty role in Raging Bull (1980).

As a teenager worked part-time as a McDonald's countergirl.

One of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People. [1992]

Is allergic to caffeine.

One of People Magazine's 25 Most Intriguing people of 1992.

Auditioned for the Glenn Close role in Fatal Attraction (1987).

Auditioned for the Kim Basinger role in Batman (1989).

Auditioned for the Madonna role in Dick Tracy (1990).

Turned down the role in "Exit to Eden" that later went to Rosie O'Donnell.

Speaks italian.

Is asthmatic.

Husband Phil Bronstein is one of the editors of the San Francisco Examiner.

Received a humanitarian award from the Human Rights Campaign, a well-funded organization specializing in gay and lesbian rights, for her role in If These Walls Could Talk 2 (2000) (TV) in which she plays Ellen DeGeneres' lover with whom she wants to raise a child. [2000]

Is a gay rights activist.

Stone's former housekeeper Socorro Del Carmen Membreno pleaded not guilty to grand theft of $300,000 worth of jewelry and other valuables from Stone's L.A. home two months earlier. [2 March 2000]

As a child, Sharon once said she would become the next Marilyn Monroe.

Sharon was granted a restraining order against Agostino P'omata, who allegedly had made threats of violence against her. [27 March 2001]

Dated Dwight Yoakam in the early 1990s, and was rather famously quoted as saying, "Kissing Dwight is like eating a dirt sandwich."

Suffered a brain aneurysm, and was hospitalized for a while. [October 2001]


Sister of actor Mike Stone.

Has one adopted son, Roan Joseph Bronstein, born on 22 May 2000

Former daughter-in-law of Cloris Leachman and George Englund.

Is a close friend of Jeanne Moreau. Presented a 1998 American Academy of Motion Pictures life tribute to her.

Measurements: 35B-24-35 (as Ford model-1980), 36B-25-35 (self-described in 1993 as wearing a 36B bra), (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)

Spent many long workdays in agony while filming scenes for Casino (1995). She has back trouble due to an old injury, and the gold & white beaded gown she wore during a casino scene weighed 45 pounds.

She passionately kissed fan Joni Rimm for charity after he paid $50,000 for the pleasure. She auctioned the kiss in aid of Project Angel Foods, a Los Angeles charity providing meals for homeless people. (August 12, 2003)

Made a teenage ballet star's dreams come true by giving her $ 75,000 for tuition fees.

A sex scene in Quick and the Dead, The (1995) between Ellen (Stone) and Cort (Russell Crowe) was shot, but Stone and director Sam Raimi decided that it wasn't a necessary part of the story. The scene was not included in the American release of the film, but international versions do include it.

During Total Recall (1990) filming, she complained to Verhoeven that she wasn't sure whether her character really was married to Doug.

June 11, 2001: her husband, Phil Bronstein, underwent foot surgery after being attacked by a Komodo dragon during a private tour of Los Angeles Zoo. The tour was arranged by Stone as a Father's Day gift for Bronstein, who had always wanted to see one of the Indonesian lizards up close. The attack occurred after Bronstein had removed his white shoes. Zookeepers later speculated the 5-foot-long lizard may have mistaken the shoes for white rats it ate regularly.

Met her close friend Mimi Craven on the set of "Deadly Blessing". They subsequently worked together on the film "Last Dance" in 1996.

Personal quotes

"I was, like, forty at birth. When I wasn't even a year old, I spoke, I was potty trained, I walked and talked. That was it. Then I started school and drove everybody crazy because they realized I had popped out as an adult. I had adult questions and wanted adult answers."

"My father has always been supportive of my individuality." - in a Barbara Walters interview, September 1993

"It's traumatizing for me to come to Washington during a Republican administration because I don't have any Republican clothes." - Washington Post, June 20, 2001

"It's my experience that you really can't lose when you try the truth."

"Any man in Hollywood will meet me if I want that. No, make that any man anywhere."

"My personal style and public style are very different. When I go out, I play dress up."

"Never play cards with a guy named Doc. Never eat at a place called Mom's. And never have sex with anybody who has more problems than you do."

"...be willing to say yes, no matter who says no, and to say no, regardless of who says yes."

On the benefits of being famous; "I find I get to torture a higher class of men."

"I dress up to show that I am happy." 1994.

"It was my first movie ("Stardust Memories") and the opportunity of working with Woody Allen. It was a great experience, and I can compare it, in sexual terms, with the lost of virginity."

"It's my experience that you really can't lose when you try the truth."

"People don't change their behavior unless it makes a difference for them to do so."

Asked to pay tribute to troops fighting in Iraq: "I know it's a difficult time for you to come out to party during such a time of strife in our world. My feeling is that I hope everyone will be safe and protected and taken care of, and our prayers are with the people around the world who will be affected by this."

"I like to drive with my knees. Otherwise, how can I put on my lipstick and talk on the phone?"

"I've had the same breasts for my entire adult life"

"If you have a vagina and an attitude in this town, then that's a lethal combination."

Stone found her brush with death from a brain aneurysm has given her a new lease of life, "This brilliant, bright, white vortex of light was upon me. And then I was met by some of my friends, people who are very dear to me. But it was over very fast and suddenly I was back in the room and in my own body. It affected me so profoundly that I realized my life would never be the same again. It has definitely given me a new perspective on my career."

"Ava Gardner was the most beautiful woman in the world, and it's wonderful that she didn't cut up her face. She addressed aging by picking up her chin and receiving the light in a better way. And she looked like a woman. She never tried to look like a girl."

"Women might be able to fake orgasms. But men can fake whole relationships."

"If you act like you know what you're doing, you can do anything you want-except neurosurgery."

"I bake all the time, but I don't like to eat the cookies when they're done. I just like the dough."

"I don't believe make up and the right hairstyle alone can make a woman beautiful. The most radiant woman in the room is the one full of life and experience."

"Not in this lifetime. Why? Because I'm the only one she hasn't done it to." (when told Madonna has said she wants to kiss her)

"We Barbie dolls are not supposed to behave the way I do."

"I believe that if you truly, truly love your children, you need to supply condoms in a place in your home, at a quantity that makes it a non-judgmental situation for them to have them... If they want to make water balloons out of them, great. If they want to carry them so they feel tough, great. If they want to give them to their friends, even better."

Sharon Stone - Filmography
Below is a complete filmography (list of movies she's appeared in)

Cold Creek Manor (2003) .... Leah Tilson
"Harold and the Purple Crayon" (2002) TV Series (voice) .... Narrator
CyberWorld (2000) (voice) (archive footage) .... Princess Bala
Beautiful Joe (2000) .... Alice 'Hush' Mason
Picking Up the Pieces (2000) .... Candy Cowley
If These Walls Could Talk 2 (2000) (TV) .... Fran (segment "2000")

Sissy Duckling, The (1999) (TV) (voice) .... Narrator
Simpatico (1999) .... Rosie
... aka Simpatico (1999) (France)
Muse, The (1999) .... Sarah Little
Gloria (1999) .... Gloria
Antz (1998) (voice) .... Princess Bala
Mighty, The (1998) .... Gwen Dillon
Sphere (1998) .... Dr. Elizabeth 'Beth' Halperin
Last Dance (1996) .... Cindy Liggett
Diabolique (1996) .... Nicole Horner
"Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child" (1995) TV Series (voice) .... Narrator
Casino (1995) .... Ginger McKenna/Rothstein
... aka Casino (1995) (France)
Quick and the Dead, The (1995) .... The Lady/Ellen
Specialist, The (1994) .... May Munro/Adrian Hastings
... aka Especialista, El (1994) (Peru)
Intersection (1994) .... Sally Eastman
Last Action Hero (1993) .... Catherine Tramell
Sliver (1993) .... Carly Norris
... aka Sliver - Gier der Augen (1993)
Where Sleeping Dogs Lie (1992) .... Serena Black
Basic Instinct (1992) .... Catherine Tramell
... aka Ice Cold Desire (1992) (Singapore: English title: censored version)
Diary of a Hitman (1991) .... Kiki
Year of the Gun (1991) .... Alison King
Scissors (1991) .... Angie Anderson
He Said, She Said (1991) .... Linda
Total Recall (1990) .... Lori

Sangre y arena (1989) .... Doña Sol
... aka Blood and Sand (1989)
Beyond the Stars (1989) .... Laurie McCall
... aka Personal Choice (1989)
Tears in the Rain (1988) (TV) .... Casey Cantrell
"War and Remembrance" (1988) (mini) TV Series .... Janice Henry
Above the Law (1988) .... Sara Toscani
... aka Nico (1988) (UK: cable TV title)
... aka Nico: Above the Law (1988) (Australia)
Action Jackson (1988) .... Patrice Dellaplane
Cold Steel (1987) .... Kathy Connors
Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold (1987) .... Jesse Huston
Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol (1987) .... Claire Mattson
... aka Citizens on Patrol: Police Academy 4 (1987) (UK: poster title)
King Solomon's Mines (1985) .... Jesse Huston
Vegas Strip War, The (1984) (TV) .... Sarah Shipman
... aka Las Vegas Strip War (1984) (TV)
Irreconcilable Differences (1984) .... Blake Chandler/Amanda
Calendar Girl Murders (1984) (TV) .... Cassie Bascomb
... aka Insatiable (1984) (TV)
... aka Victimized (1984/I) (TV)
"Bay City Blues" (1983) TV Series .... Cathy St. Marie (1983)
"Uns et les autres, Les" (1983) (mini) TV Series (uncredited) .... Girl with Glenn Senior
Not Just Another Affair (1982) (TV) .... Lynette
... aka Perfect Affair (1982) (TV)
Deadly Blessing (1981) .... Lana Marcus
Uns et les autres, Les (1981) (uncredited) .... Girl with Glenn Senior
... aka Bolero (1981) (USA)
... aka Within Memory (1981)
Stardust Memories (1980) .... Pretty Girl on train

Sharon Stone - Notable TV Guest Appearances
"Late Show with David Letterman" (1993) playing "Herself" 20 October 2003
"Practice, The" (1997) playing "Sheila Carlisle" in episode: "Blessed Are They" (episode # 8.4) 19 October 2003
"Practice, The" (1997) playing "Sheila Carlisle" in episode: "Cause of Action" (episode # 8.3) 12 October 2003
"Practice, The" (1997) playing "Sheila Carlisle" in episode: "The Chosen" (episode # 8.2) 5 October 2003
"Ellen DeGeneres Show, The" (2003) playing "Herself" 16 September 2003
"Larry King Live" (1985) playing "Herself" 12 September 2003
"Leute heute" (1997) playing "Herself" in episode: "Aus Cannes" 24 May 2002
"Roseanne Show, The" (1998) playing "Herself" 5 November 1998
"Roseanne" (1988) playing "Trailer Park Resident" in episode: "Happy Trailers" (episode # 7.21) 29 March 1995
"Larry Sanders Show, The" (1992) playing "Herself" in episode: "The Mr. Sharon Stone Show" (episode # 3.8) 10 August 1994
"Saturday Night Live" (1975) playing "Guest Host" (episode # 17.17) 11 April 1992
"T.J. Hooker" (1982) playing "Dani Starr" in episode: "Hollywood Starr" (episode # 4.17) 23 February 1985
"Magnum, P.I." (1980) playing "Diane Dupres in flashback" (uncredited) in episode: "Mac's Back" (episode # 5.3) 11 October 1984
"Magnum, P.I." (1980) playing "Diane/Deidre Dupres" in episode: "Echoes of the Mind: Part 2" (episode # 5.2) 4 October 1984
"Magnum, P.I." (1980) playing "Diane/Deidre Dupres" in episode: "Echoes of the Mind: Part 1" (episode # 5.1) 27 September 1984
"Mike Hammer" (1984) playing "Julie" in episode: "Shots in the Dark" (episode # 1.5) 3 March 1984
"Remington Steele" (1982) playing "Jillian Montague" in episode: "Steele Crazy After All These Years" (episode # 1.16) 18 February 1983
"Silver Spoons" (1982) in episode: "A Little Magic" (episode # 1.8) 4 December 1982