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Auditions (1978)

Title: Auditions
Released: 1978
Runtime: 82 min
Country: USA
Language: English

Comments: Amusing softcore film....Fun softcore porn about the seedy goings-on at casting for a sex film. Tons of nudity (including a very young, vivacious Linnea Quigley, in one of her very first film roles) make for plenty of eye candy.

Cast overview:
Cory Brandon .... Van Scott
Joey Camen
Rick Cassidy .... Charlie White
Freddie Dawson
Marita Ditmore .... Frieda Volker
Michael Hardin
Terri Haven
Larry Hudson
Jeffrey Lampert
Maria Lutra .... Jenny Marino
Ric Lutze .... Ron Wilson
William Margold .... Larry Krantz
Adore O'Hara .... Adore O'Hara
Rhonda Jo Petty .... Patty Rhodes
Linnea Quigley .... Sally Webster
Peter Risch
Robert Sommer .... Frank Murphy
Greg Travis
Idy Tripoldi .... Bonnie Tirol
Bonnie Werchan .... Tracy Matthews
Jennifer West .... Melinda Sale
Ron Wilson

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