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Bad Girls (1994)

Title: Bad Girls
Released: 1994
Genre: Western
Runtime: 99 min
Country: USA
Language: English

Tagline: It was a dangerous time to be a woman. And a good time to have friends.

Plot Summary: When saloon prostitute Cody Zamora rescues her friend Anita from an abusive customer by killing him, she is sentenced to hang. However, Anita and their two friends Eileen and Lilly rescue Cody and the four make a run for Texas, pursued by Graves and O'Brady, two Pinkerton detectives hired to track them. When Cody withdraws her savings from a Texas bank, the women believe they can now start a new life in Oregon. But Cody's old partner Kid Jarrett takes Cody's money when his gang robs the bank, and so the four so-called "Honky- Tonk Harlots" set out to recover the money, with the Pinkertons hot on their trail.

Comments: Silly but cute...This movie is pretty silly. The plot is laughably obvious, although there is a bit of interest at the end. It's cute though because the female outlaws are so perky. The leading ladies are ex-prostitutes who want to run their own ranch. One of them has a deed to some land, but en route to where they're going, they get involved accidentally with a robbery. The plot gets more unbelievable from there. This is a good movie if you're looking for a grin. Don't expect high action or compelling drama.

Cast overview:
Madeleine Stowe .... Cody Zamora
Mary Stuart Masterson .... Anita 'Sweetpea' Crown
Andie MacDowell .... Eileen Spenser
Drew Barrymore .... Lilly Laronette
James Russo .... Kid Jarrett
James LeGros .... William Tucker
Robert Loggia .... Frank Jarrett
Dermot Mulroney .... Josh McCoy
Jim Beaver .... Pinkerton Detective Graves
Nick Chinlund .... Pinkerton Detective O'Brady
Neil Summers .... Ned (Jarrett gang)
Daniel O'Haco .... Roberto (Jarrett gang)
Richard Reyes .... Rico (Jarrett gang)
Alex Kubik .... Yuma (Jarrett gang)
Will MacMillan .... Col. Clayborne

Movie scenes preview:
Scene #1

Scene Description: Drew topless as she removes her shirt and puts on a dress.

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