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Dangerous Attraction (2000)

Title: Dangerous Attraction
Released: 2000
Genre: Thriller
Runtime: 94 min
Country: Canada
Language: English

Plot Summary: A successful ad agency woman finds herself in a dangerous power struggle, back-dropped by murder, when she begins to uncover the true identity of the two men she is dating.

Comments: More twists than the national gymnastics championship!! High calibre production with a great story line.... I was completely captivated until the final credits rolled... even then I was waiting for something to happen! A must see movie!

Cast overview:
Linden Ashby .... Neil/Dan Paterson
Rae Dawn Chong .... Ann Rich
Andrea Roth .... Allison Davis
Ian Tracey .... Det. Ryan Bell
Aaron Pearl .... Michael
Ian Marsh .... Trevor Bains
Paul McGillion .... Phillip Broger
Marya Delver .... Meghan
Deryl Hayes .... Detective
Nels Lennarson .... Burly Cop
Amy Esterle .... Sexy Girl
Dan Joffre .... Bad Ass Guy
Judith Maxie .... Psychiatrist
Michael P. Northey .... Billy Bob
Sheila Paterson .... Nurse

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