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Forever Mine (1999)

Title: Forever Mine
Released: 1999
Genre: Thriller / Romance
Runtime: 115 min
Country: UK / Canada / USA
Language: English

Tagline: Some desires are too dangerous to resist.

Plot Summary: Two stories, 14 years apart, converge in a suburb of New York. Manuel Esquema, an international financier, whose face is badly scarred, is flying from Miami to help a New York politician negotiate a plea bargain with the Justice Department. Years before, this financier was a fresh-faced cabaña boy at a Miami Beach resort who fell in love with a young woman on holiday with her husband. The husband is now the pol, and he thinks he dispatched the cabaña boy long ago. What are Esquema's plans: revenge, mercy, or a complicated plan to seek again the woman's love?

Comments: I absolutely LOVED this movie! I find Forever Mine, intriguing and tantalizing. Joseph Fiennes is so passionate and truly sensitive. And can anyone be more attractive and sensual than Joseph Fiennes? I don't think so. The plot was confusing in the fact that it began in the early 70's (remember the Disco craze?) But I'm sure mamy(all!) women dream of having the love that Fiennes character bestowed on Ella (Gretchen Mole). (What a fool she was for not running off with him in the beginning!) Great climax, although the ending left a lot to the imagination.

Cast overview:
Joseph Fiennes .... Manuel Esquema/Alan Riply
Ray Liotta .... Mark Brice
Gretchen Mol .... Ella Brice
Vincent Laresca .... Javier Cesti
Myk Watford .... Rick Martino
Lindsey Connell .... Stewardess
Sean Cw Johnson .... Randy (as Sean C W Johnson)
Shawn Proctor .... Cabana Boy
Russell Blackwell .... Business Associate
Jocelyn Snowdon .... Young Associate's Companion
Kevi Katsuras .... Julie, Six Year-old Girl
Shannon Lawson .... Emily, Julie's Mother
Ronald Knight .... Older Male Executive
Ginger King .... Older Male's Companion
Ted Simonett .... Mr. Galen

Movie scenes preview:
Scene #1

Scene Description: Gretchen Mol nude while having sex with a guy in bed, her wonderful breasts shown while she is underneath him, and then flips over on top. We then see Gretchen Mol sitting up in bed while topless, giving us a great look at her fantastic breasts.

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featured actress:

Scene #2

Scene Description: Gretchen Mol laying underneath a guy as they have sex, her amazing breasts on full display.

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