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The House on Sorority Row

The House On Sorority Row
(1983 Film) &
The Alchemist (1985 Film)
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House on Sorority Row, The (1983)

Title: House on Sorority Row, The
Released: 1983
Genre: Horror / Thriller
Runtime: 91 min
Country: USA
Language: English

Tagline: Nothing can prepare you for what happens when she fights back.

Plot Summary: A group of girls staying at a sorority house clash with the house's owner, who wants them out. They decide to play a prank on her, but it goes awry and she winds up dead. Panicking, the girls try to hide the body, but someone (or something) witnessed the crime and begins to stalk them.

Comments: This admirable film from the golden age of slasher cinema is a real treat. Not much on screen bloodshed, but House makes up for it with very suspenseful set-pieces. Good acting all around. Definitely one of the more "classy" of the slasher cycle.

Cast overview:
Kate McNeil .... Katherine 'Katey' Rose (as Kathryn McNeil)
Eileen Davidson .... Vicki
Janis Zido .... Liz
Robin Meloy .... Jeanie
Harley Jane Kozak .... Diane (as Harley Kozak)
Jodi Draigie .... Morgan
Ellen Dorsher .... Stevie
Lois Kelso Hunt .... Mrs. Dorothy Slater
Christopher Lawrence .... Dr. Nelson Beck
Michael Kuhn .... Peter
Michael Sergio .... Rick
Ruth Walsh .... Mrs. Rose (Katherine's mother)
Ed Heath .... Policeman
Jean Schertler .... Nurse
Larry Singer .... Photographer

Movie scenes preview:
Scene #1

Scene Description: Eileen Davidson unbuttoning her blouse to expose her breasts.

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 The House on Sorority Row (DVD)
 The House On Sorority Row (1983 Film) & The Alchemist (1985 Film) [SOUNDTRACK] (Audio CD)