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Lover Boy (1975)

Title: Lover Boy
... aka Grazie nonna
Released: 1975
Runtime: 95 min
Country: Italy
Language: Italian

Plot Summary: From the director of "Dr. Butcher, M.D." comes this sleazed-out "Private Lessons"-styled story. Edwige Fenech plays the gorgeous spouse of an elderly man who travels from Venezuela to Italy to visit her stepson and his children after her hubby dies. Soon. all the grandchildren are competing with their father for grandmom's carnal attentions.

Cast overview:
Edwige Fenech
Giusva Fioravanti
Enrico Simonetti
Gianfranco D'Angelo
Valeria Fabrizi
Graziella Mossini
Fabrizio Cardinali
Antonio Canterini
Andrea Petrucci
Alfredo Quadrelli
Loredana Bianchi
Sandra Barbani
Sergio Favati

Movie scenes preview:
Scene #1

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