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Pushing Tin (1999)

Title: Pushing Tin
Released: 1999
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 124 min
Country: USA / Germany
Language: English

Plot Summary: Nick "The Zone" Falzone is an air traffic controller at New York TRACON, where it's busy 24 hours a day. He's acknowledged as the best, until a quiet guy Russell Bell arrives on the scene from the Southwest somewhere. Russell and his wife Mary don't quite fit into the close-knit community of controllers and their wives, and a rivalry soon builds.

Comments: I loved this movie due to the inner reflection it causes you to have after you watch it. All the great movies make you turn inwards and contemplate your own life. John Cusack loses control of his life and like the chaos of being an air traffic controller, his life becomes a small sky filled with many mid air collisions. I had to buy this movie as soon as I saw it, and everytime I watch it, I enjoy it even more. If the enjoyable theme of having to clense one's soul isn't enough for you, this film is filled with humour, love and lots Angelina! 8.5 out of 10

Cast overview:
John Cusack .... Nick Falzone
Billy Bob Thornton .... Russell Bell
Cate Blanchett .... Connie Falzone
Angelina Jolie .... Mary Bell
Jake Weber .... Barry Plotkin
Kurt Fuller .... Ed Clabes
Vicki Lewis .... Tina Leary
Matt Ross .... Ron Hewitt
Jerry Grayson .... Leo Morton
Michael Willis .... Pat Feeney
Philip Akin .... Paul
Mike O'Malley .... Pete
Neil Crone .... Tom
Matt Gordon .... Ken
Joe Pingue .... Mark

Movie scenes preview:
Scene #1

Scene Description: Angelina Jolie lays on a bed with her breasts exposed.

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