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Ragtime (1981)

Title: Ragtime
Released: 1981
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 155 min
Country: USA
Language: English

Tagline: The passion, the violence, the birth of America's Gilded Age.

Plot Summary: The story runs in the 1910's New York. Coalhouse Walker Jr. is a black man piano player. He has won fame and fortune playing with a jazz band. Some white men do not like this situation, and one day they assault him and spoil his brand new car. Walker tries by all means to get justice, without an answer...

Comments: Now clearly a classic. Ragtime has emerged as a classic film. Its astonishing array of great performances--literally a score of them, from Howard Rollins's truly tragic stand for human dignity at the film's center to James Cagney's historic return to film at the end of his life and the end of this motion picture--would almost alone qualify this as a great motion picture. But Michael Weller's breathtakingly complex and complete dramatization of Doctorow's sprawling novel, the gorgeous production and costume designs and the superb direction of Milos Forman seal the deal. This is a magnificent tapestry of American life at the beginning of the American century.
Lavishly entertaining, genuinely heartbreaking and a dandy history lesson to boot, Ragtime has joined the pantheon of great, epic movies.

Cast overview:
James Cagney .... Rheinlander Waldo
Brad Dourif .... Younger Brother
Moses Gunn .... Booker T. Washington
Elizabeth McGovern .... Evelyn Nesbit Thaw
Kenneth McMillan .... Willie Conklin
Pat O'Brien .... Delmas
Donald O'Connor .... Evelyn's dance instructor
James Olson .... Father
Mandy Patinkin .... Tateh
Howard E. Rollins Jr. .... Coalhouse Walker Jr.
Mary Steenburgen .... Mother
Debbie Allen .... Sarah
Jeffrey DeMunn .... Houdini (as Jeff DeMunn)
Robert Joy .... Harry K. Thaw
Norman Mailer .... Stanford White

Movie scenes preview:
Scene #1

Scene Description: Elizabeth McGovern of She's Having a Baby fame walking into a room and dropping a blanket to reveal her breasts and a bit of bush as she tries to cover with her hands before kissing a guy and then sitting on a couch talking with some more guys for several minutes all while topless.

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