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Rising Sun (1993)

Title: Rising Sun
Released: 1993
Genre: Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller / Action
Runtime: 125 min
Country: USA
Language: English

Plot Summary: At a celebration over the completed joint venture between a Japanese company and a US defence contractor a young woman is found strangled. A retired foreign liaison with expertise on Japanese culture is called in to help the current liaison overcome resistance from the Japanese, who are actively trying to mislead the investigation. As the liaisons get closer to the truth, political pressure is applied to get them off the case, and they must race against time to resolve it.

Comments: Brilliant example of Japanese corporation trading. This film closely resembles the book and gives a brilliant portrayal of Japanese 'Keiretsu' company trading as just how deep and nasty things can get when a major player wants to move in. Connery is fantastic as the detective who used to give in Japan and understands 'Nihondo' (Japanese ways). The character Peter Smith has been changed to 'Wes Smith' although I cannot understand why? Maybe 'Wes' is more trendy than Peter...
There are some excellent descriptions of Japanese culture and the Taiko (Japanese Drummers) are very good. I highly recommend this film to anyone with an interest in Japan or Japanese culture. 10/10

Cast overview:
Sean Connery .... Capt. John Connor
Wesley Snipes .... Lt. Web Smith
Harvey Keitel .... Lt. Tom Graham
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa .... Eddie Sakamura
Kevin Anderson .... Bob Richmond
Mako .... Yoshida-san
Ray Wise .... Senator John Morton
Stan Egi .... Ishihara
Stan Shaw .... Phillips
Tia Carrere .... Jingo Asakuma
Steve Buscemi .... Willy 'the Weasel' Wilhelm
Tatjana Patitz .... Cheryl Lynn Austin
Peter Crombie .... Greg
Sam Lloyd .... Rick
Alexandra Powers .... Julia
Tylyn John .... Redhead

Movie scenes preview:
Scene #1

Scene Description: Tatjana Patitz sitting completely nude on a small bench as she does her makeup in the mirror. We get to see her butt and her breasts as she turns to look at the TV.

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featured actress:

Scene #2

Scene Description: Supermodel Tatjana Patitz in a very hot scene as a guy goes down on her in a boardroom and we get to see her bush as he rips her panties off, and then we see her great natural breasts as unzips her top and begins to have sex with her.

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Scene #3

Scene Description: Shelley Michelle having a guy eat sushi off her nude body before we get a great view of him dipping Playboy Playmate Tylyn John's amazing nipple into some soy sauce and licking it off. We then see Shelley Michelle laying fully nude on the ground as some cops break into the room and Tylyn John, also fully nude, jumps on a guy's back and we get some nice views of her breasts and butt in the process.

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