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Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled (2002)

Title: Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled
Released: 2002
Genre: Horror
Country: USA / Canada
Language: English

Tagline: Evil has never been so seductive...

Plot Summary: In this fourth series of the hell-raising Wishmaster, the Djinn unleashes his undying love and three wishes on a beautiful new victim named Lisa whose crucial third wish is one that the Wishmaster cannot fulfill without leaving a trail of terror, devastation and blood in his wake. The evil brotherhood of the Djinns shall awaken from the flames of Hell. As the third wish is made, humankind shall better be prepare for the next apocalypse. Waken up once again, the repulsive Djinn returns to wreck the life of more innocent victims with his "deadly" repercussions. In order to prevent the release of the evil brotherhood of the Djinns from Hell, Lisa must find a way to destroy the Djinn to stop the prophecy being fulfilled.

Comments: This installment was surprisingly "ok". After watch the third Wishmaster, I did NOT expect the fourth to be even half decent. Although this seems to be more of a romance then a horror movie, there were points that shocked and surprised like any good horror movie should.

Cast overview:
John Novak .... Djinn
Tara Spencer-Nairn .... Lisa Burnley
Michael Trucco .... Steven Verdel
Jason Thompson .... Sam
Victor Webster .... Hunter
John Benjamin Martin .... Douglas Hollister
Kimberly Huie .... Tracy
Mariam Bernstein .... Jennifer
Mandy Hochbaum .... Busty Shopper
Jennifer Pudavick .... Waitress
Ernesto Griffith .... Nick the bartender
Jennifer Tetreault .... Redhead Dancer

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