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"Enterprise" [TV-Series 2001-????]

Title: "Enterprise" [TV-Series]
Released: 2003
Genre: Action / Sci-Fi / Adventure / Drama
Runtime: 42 min / USA:60 min (inluding commercials)
Country: USA
Language: English / Klingon

Tagline: The Star Trek Saga Begins

Plot Summary: A prequel series, set 100 years before the original Star Trek series, which focuses on the early years of Starfleet, leading up to the formation of the Federation and the Earth-Romulan Wars. The series is set aboard the Earth ship Enterprise NX-01, captained by Jonathan Archer.

Comments: I'm not a trekkie but... this is all right. Got nice funny characters, storylines and different from the other Star trek serieses. Scott Bakula makes a good captain (so bialantly obvious he's lonely with that dog) and you know T'Pol is eye candy but she's funny (people with no emotions usually are). Has some great episodes, some a little bad but all right.

Cast overview:
Scott Bakula .... Captain Jonathan Archer
John Billingsley .... Dr. Phlox
Jolene Blalock .... Subcommander T'Pol
Dominic Keating .... Lieutenant Malcolm Reed
Anthony Montgomery .... Ensign Travis Mayweather
Linda Park .... Ensign Hoshi Sato
Connor Trinneer .... Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III

Scenes preview:
Scene #1

episode #3.15 - "Harbinger"

Scene Description
: Jolene Blalock dropping out of a silver robe as we see partial rear nudity from behind. This shot of her ass was edited from the US airing of the show Enterprise.

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featured actress: