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"Savannah" [TV-Series 1996-1997]

Title: "Savannah" [TV-Series 1996-1997]
Released: 1996
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 60 min (34 episodes)
Country: USA
Language: English

Plot Summary: Based in Savannah, Georgia, it follows the lives of 3 best friends that have grown up together. Lane Mackenzie left Savannah after graduating for college to become a big journalist in New York. She returned for her best friend's, Reese Burton, wedding to Travis Peterson. Lane finds out that her apartment in New York is robbed and she tries to collect on an inheritance only to find out that Travis stole every last penny of it. Peyton, daughter of the Burton Mansion maid, had an affair with Travis. Reese finds out that Travis was having an affair with a "Bunnie" and is devastated. Travis has wound up dead. And through it all, they remain friends.

Comments: Wonderful Primetime Drama. I watched this show whenever I was eleven years old and I have to agree with the other comments by saying that each episode always made you want to tune in to find out what would happen next. I have also noticed that there are some references to "Savannah" in other re-runs of WB shows during that time like "Sister, Sister" and "Unhappily Ever After." I only got to see the first season, but I think that the second season sounded much better. The cable company at the time showed the WB only through WGN-Chicago, and they took it off right after a cliffhanger when Robyn Lively's character (Reese, I think) blacked out on her own wedding night and went into the wrong hotel room. Drama today is too serious, why can't we have more shows like this show? If you also liked this show then you might have liked "Pacific Palisades" as well, but they never last.

Cast overview:
Robyn Lively .... Lane McKenzie Collins
Jamie Luner .... Peyton Richards Massick
Shannon Sturges .... Reese Burton
Alexia Robinson .... Cassandra 'Cassie' Wheeler
David Gail .... Dean Collins
Paul Satterfield .... Tom Massick
Beth Toussaint .... Veronica Koslowski
George Eads .... Travis Peterson (pilot only)/Nick Corelli
Ray Wise .... Edward Burton
Dina Andrews .... Bartender Olivia
Denis Arndt .... Martin Corelli (1997)
Stephen Michael Ayers .... Jack Buchanan (1996)
Scott Thompson Baker .... Brian Alexander (1996)
Bever-Leigh Banfield .... Grace Voyer
C.K. Bibby .... Deke Reynolds
Dan Biggers .... Sen. Harlin
Austin Croce .... Jason Collins (#1)
Russell Curry .... Det. Sam Lucas (1997)
Anthony Griffith .... Bill Webber (1997)
Debbie James .... Madeline Stewart
Mimi Kennedy .... Eleanor Alexander Burton
Shannon Kenny .... Jeannie Collins (1996)
Charles Lawlor .... Steve Turell (1996-1997)
Joshua McLaurin .... Jason Collins (#2)
Brian McNamara .... Terrence Goodson
Danny Nelson .... John Smallwood (1997)
Scott Paetty .... Matt Carter (1996)
Wendy Phillips .... Lucille Richards (1996)
Mary Nell Santacroce .... Millie Lester (1996)
Jocelyn Seagrave .... Rita Winsler (1996)
Ted Shackelford .... Charles Alexander (1996)
David Lee Smith .... Vincent Massick (1996)
Grayce Spence .... Emma Smallwood (1997)
Anastasia Spivey .... Nancy Alexander (1996)
Larry Thompson .... Gordon Barber (1997)
Lisa Thornhill .... Det. Sheila Madsen
Jordan Williams .... Pete Simms

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