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birth date:
December 21, 1969

birth place:
Paris, France

She was first featured in Jean Luc Godard's Détective (1985) at the age of fourteen. She has starred in many American and European productions since then, including Disney's The Three Musketeers (1993), Killing Zoe (1994) and and An American Werewolf in Paris (1997).

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Killing Zoe

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An American Werewolf in Paris

An American Werewolf in Paris
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. Julie Delpy

Investigating Sex (2001)

Title: Investigating Sex
Released: 2001
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Runtime: 108 min
Country: USA / Germany
Language: English

Plot Summary: A group of men and two female stenographers scientifically study sex.

Comments: Lucky to have seen this...As a volunteer at the Denver Film Festival, I was given the opportunity to attend a screening of this movie tonight, and I am very happy to have done so. At times I think I was the only person in the theater laughing, but I found this movie hilarious, yet relatable. The ensemble cast has wonderful chemistry, including great performances by Alan Cumming, Nick Nolte, Tuesday Weld, Robin Tunney and Neve Campbell. Though the film might seem farfetched, it is actually based on real events, and I especially enjoyed Robin Tunney's performance as a woman with a refreshingly healthy attitude towards sex. Neither a "virgin" nor "whore," she has slept with a few men, knows what she wants and how to get it, and rather than begging the man she goes to bed with to love her and marry her, she simply asks him not to analyze it to anyone, whether it lasts or not. Another special treat is a series of films-within-the-film, shot in black and white and made (apparently through a very complicated process) to look as they would have looked in the 1920's. A lovely character-driven film that is quite different from most things you will see these days. Go see this if you get the chance.

Scene Description: Julie Delpy seen fully nude.

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Killing Zoe (1994)

Title: Killing Zoe
Released: 1994
Genre: Thriller / Crime
Runtime: 96 min
Country: France / USA
Language: English / French

Plot Summary: An American vault-cracker ( Zed ) meets up with an old friend ( Eric ) in Paris. Eric and his gang have planned to raid the only bank in the city which is open on Bastille day. Zed is trapped in a situation beyond his control when heroin abuse, poor planning and a call-girl named Zoe all conspire to turn the robbery into a very bloody seige.

Comments: A great film that should have eclipsed Pulp Fiction. Though Pulp Fiction (which Avary co-wrote) has been viewed as the prime example of its genre, Killing Zoe actually does it better. There are numerous reasons for my opinion, the most significant being the much more interesting casting (which created incredible character nuance) and the setting of the film (a mysterious and unseen version of Paris which has much more fascinating urban facets than the LA of Pulp Fiction). If you haven't seen it yet... check it out. If you've seen it and dismissed it, check it out again. Either way -- it's a great ride.

Scene Description: Julie Delpy taking off her shirt and bra and then seen topless from the guy's perspective as she rides him slowly, throwing her head back in pleasure.

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 Killing Zoe (DVD)
 Killing Zoe (VHS)
 The Way of the Gun & Killing Zoe (DVD)
 Killing Zoe: Original Soundtrack (Audio CD)

American Werewolf in Paris, An (1997)

Title: American Werewolf in Paris, An
Released: 1997
Genre: Horror / Comedy
Runtime: 105 min
Country: USA / UK / Luxembourg / Netherlands / France
Language: English

Tagline: Things are about to get a little hairy.

Plot Summary: The daughter of the werewolf from AWIL is alive and living in Paris where her mother (from the first film) and stepfather are trying to overcome her lycanthropic disease. A trio of American tourists on a thrill seeking trip around Europe manage to stop her from plunging to her death from the top of the Eiffel tower and are embroiled in a horrific but often hilarious plot involving a secret society of werewolves based in the city and a drug which allows werewolves to change at any time... This time there's no need for a full moon...

Comments: A genuinely hilarious horror film. "An American Werewolf in Paris" is an excellent horror-comedy, in the great tradition of "The Lost Boys" and "Fright Night". I see that a lot of people dislike this movie. These are obviously hardcore horror fans who wanted to see something dark and gothic; but instead got something blackly humorous and were not amused by it. I admit, "An American Werewolf in Paris" is not really scary, but neither are "The Lost Boys" and "Fright Night," and those two movies seem to be highly regarded by horror fans. I don't understand why everyone hates this one so much. If you are a fan of horror-comedies, or if you have a morbid sense of humor, this is definitely for you. I think it's great: nine out of ten stars

Scene Description: Julie Delpy taking off her shirt and then seen topless from the guy's perspective as she rides him.

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 An American Werewolf in Paris (DVD)
 An American Werewolf in Paris (VHS)
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Was named one of People Magazine's "25 Most Beautiful" in 1995

Daughter of actor Albert Delpy and actress Marie Pillet.

Personal quotes

"I know a lot of women who use men, but the world is not perfect. Fifty years ago there was Hitler; now there are bitches everywhere."

Julie Delpy - Filmography
Below is a complete filmography (list of movies she's appeared in)

Before Sunset (2004) .... Celine
Notting Hill Anxiety Festival (2003) .... Charlotte
Cinemagique (2002) .... Marguerite
Looking for Jimmy (2002) .... Al
Villa des roses (2002) .... Louise Créteur
"ER" (1994) TV Series .... Nicole (2001)
Investigating Sex (2001) .... Chloe
Beginner's Luck (2001) .... Anya
Waking Life (2001) (voice) .... Celine
MacArthur Park (2001/I) .... Wendy
Tell Me (2000)
Sand (2000) .... Lill
... aka Sandstorm (2000/II)

But I'm a Cheerleader (1999) .... Lipstick Lesbian at Cocksucker
Passion of Ayn Rand, The (1999) .... Barbara
Crime and Punishment (1998/I) (TV) .... Sonia
... aka Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment (1998) (TV) (USA: complete title)
Treat, The (1998) .... Francesca
L.A. Without a Map (1998) .... Julie
... aka I Love L.A. (1999) (France)
... aka Los Angeles Without a Map (1998)
American Werewolf in Paris, An (1997) .... Serafine Pigot
... aka American Werewolf 2 (1997)
... aka Loup-garou de Paris, Le (1998) (France)
Mille merveilles de l'univers, Les (1997) .... Eva Purpur
... aka Thousand Wonders of the Universe, The (1997) (Canada: English title)
Tykho Moon (1996) .... Lena
Blah Blah Blah (1995)
Before Sunrise (1995) .... Celine
Killing Zoe (1994) .... Zoe
... aka Killing Zoe (1994) (France)
Trois couleurs: Rouge (1994) .... Dominique
... aka Red (1994/II) (USA: short title)
... aka Three Colors: Red (1994) (USA)
... aka Three Colours: Red (1994) (UK)
... aka Trzy kolory: Czerwony (1994) (Poland)
Trzy kolory: Bialy (1994) .... Dominique
... aka Three Colors: White (1994) (USA)
... aka Three Colours: White (1994) (UK)
... aka Trois couleurs: Blanc (1994) (France)
... aka Trzy kolory: Bialy (1994) (Poland)
... aka White (1994)
Younger and Younger (1993) .... Melodie
Three Musketeers, The (1993) .... Constance
Trois couleurs: Bleu (1993) (uncredited) .... Dominique
... aka Bleu (1993) (France: short title)
... aka Blue (1993/II)
... aka Three Colors: Blue (1994) (USA)
... aka Three Colours: Blue (1993) (UK)
... aka Trzy kolory: Niebieski (1993) (Poland)
Warszawa. Année 5703 (1992) .... Fryda
... aka Daunenträger, Der (1992) (Germany)
... aka Tragarz puchu (1992) (Poland)
... aka Warsaw - Year 5703 (1992)
Dents de ma mère, Les (1991) .... Julie
Homo Faber (1991) .... Sabeth
... aka Voyager (1992) (USA)
... aka Voyager, The (1991) (France)
Europa Europa (1990) .... Leni
... aka Europa Europe (1991) (USA)
... aka Hitlerjunge Salomon (1991) (Germany)

Noche oscura, La (1989) .... Virgin Mary
... aka Dark Night of the Soul, The (1989) (International: English title: informal literal title)
... aka Dark Night, The (1989)
... aka Nuit obscure, La (1989) (France)
Autre nuit, L' (1988) .... Marie
... aka Other Night, The (1988)
Passion Béatrice, La (1987) .... Beatrice
... aka Beatrice (1988) (USA)
... aka Passion of Beatrice, The (1988) (USA: video title)
... aka Quarto comandamento (1988) (Italy)
King Lear (1987) (uncredited) .... Virginia
Mauvais sang (1986) .... Lise
... aka Bad Blood (2001) (USA)
... aka Night Is Young, The (1986)
Classique (1985)
Amour ou presque, L' (1985)
Détective (1985) .... Wise young girl
Niveau moins trois (1982)

Guerres civiles en France (1978) (as Julie Pillet) .... (segment "La semaine sanglante")
... aka Civil Wars in France (1978) (International: English title: literal title)

Julie Delpy - Notable TV Guest Appearances
"Tout le monde en parle" (1998) playing "Herself" 27 September 2003
"On ne peut pas plaire à tout le monde" (2000) playing "Herself" 23 May 2003
"On ne peut pas plaire à tout le monde" (2000) playing "Herself" 14 December 2001