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birth date:
December 02, 1968

birth place:
Queens, New York, USA

Lucy Liu is best known for her starring role in Ally McBeal. She has also starred in such films as Charlie's Angels, Kill Bill and Shanghai Noon.

We admit that we occasionally watch Ally McBeal, and Lucy Liu is one of the main reasons why. She plays her role as a cold and calculating co-worker with pure perfection, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Lucy Liu has broken the mold that Asian actors are prone to passivity, and made herself a veritable star.

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. Lucy Liu

City of Industry (1997)

Title: City of Industry
Released: 1997
Genre: Crime / Thriller
Runtime: 97 min
Country: USA
Language: English

Tagline: Wanting a man dead can be reason enough to live.

Plot Summary: Lee Egan lures his older brother Roy out of "retirement" with a sweet jewel heist, only to get killed by a backstabbing partner; then it's up to Roy to get revenge.

Comments: This movie was written for Harvey Keitel, it fits him like a glove; and Stephen Dorff playing the antagonist, it is a perfect fit as well!!!! These two go back and forth like a Leonard-Hearns fight from the 1980's, blow for blow. There was a few slow spots, but all in all I highly enjoyed this film, I suggest giving it a view.

Scene Description: Lucy Liu topless while dancing onstage at a strip club in this rare nude scene.

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 City of Industry, Movie-Original Poster, 27x40

Flypaper (1997)

Title: Flypaper
Released: 1997
Runtime: 108 min
Country: USA
Language: English

Plot Summary: Flypaper is a curious name for this shaggy-dog film about characters who continually cross paths as their lives careen out of control. Craig Sheffer is the ostensible lead, though his hotheaded, gun-toting criminal is hardly the picture's hero. He kick-starts the story by kidnapping meth lab chemist Lucy Liu, and then hunts down his junkie girlfriend, Sadie Frost, who is now under the care of her crotchety real estate mogul guardian (Robert Loggia). In the very next room is John C. McGinley, cheating on his jealous future bride, Illeana Douglas, with Talisa Soto, a dominatrix in tight leather. The film plays out these threads as if they are destined to intertwine in some improbable climax, but instead they merely crisscross in passing, finally fraying in a soft, anticlimactic conclusion. The performers try to have some fun with their familiar parts, and writer-director Klaus Hoch tosses in a few curve balls (my favorite is the knife sticking out of Sheffer's skull like a topknot, turning the homicidal heist man into a punch-drunk pussycat), but for all his offbeat humor and funky twists, nothing in Flypaper ever sticks.

Comments: A very good movie, that unfortunately has not been viewed by many people. The plot is complex, but the way it is pulled off; this must be one of a very few titles that was entertaining in the year of 1997. My advice is everybody should at least check it out!

Scene Description: In a strange sex scene, we see Lucy Liu take off her robe to go fully nude before she lies down in an empty swimming pool with a guy and they go at it while snakes crawl around them.

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Fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

Graduated from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor with a degree in Asian languages and cultures.

Graduated from Stuyvesant high school in 1986.

Attended New York University for a year.

Mother is a biochemist, father is a civil engineer and she has a brother and a sister.

Grew up in the Jackson Heights section of Queens County, New York.

Was the first Asian-American female to host Saturday Night Live.

She once worked as an aerobics instructor

She plays the accordion

She practices rock climbing, skiing, & horseback riding

Auditioned for a role in Shanghai Knights (2003), but lost out to Fann Wong.

Is an initiated sister of Chi Omega Sorority

Personal quotes

"I grew up in Jackson Heights, Queens, with no money. I was taught not to take anything for granted. If you are too busy being a diva or a freak, then you are not enjoying it."

"Everything I buy is vintage and smells funny. Maybe that's why I don't have a boyfriend."

"It's so much fun playing her (Ling), but I have this fear that people are going to run away from me in terror on the streets. They think I'm going to bite their heads off or something."

"I'm so proud of my heritage, but yes, I think there's always a danger when people put you on a pedestal. Especially when you're just trying to live your life and pursue your dreams. The intention is not to represent Asian Americans, but to be an Asian American who is working as an actress. People often confuse the two. When you are "representing", you have the burden of some people projecting their hopes onto you. This can eventually lead to a certain amount of disappointment. I strive to not deny myself experiences that open up to me. I hope to live without looking back in regret. If people want to join me on the ride, then I'm happy to have them along."

"Martial arts are art forms and require a great deal of discipline and dedication. I so admire people who focus their lives on it, because it's not an easy thing to do."

"Producing is like pushing jello up a hill on a hot day."

Lucy Liu - Filmography
Below is a complete filmography (list of movies she's appeared in)

"Game Over" (2004/I) TV Series (voice) .... Raquel Smashenburn
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003) .... O-Ren Ishii
... aka Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill: Volume One (2003) (USA: promotional title)
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003) .... Alex Munday
Chicago (2002) .... Kitty Baxter
Cypher (2002) .... Rita
Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever (2002) .... Agent Sever
SSX Tricky (2001) (VG) (voice) .... Elise Riggs
Hotel (2001) .... Kawika
Charlie's Angels (2000) .... Alex Munday
... aka 3 Engel für Charlie (2000) (Germany)
Shanghai Noon (2000) .... Princess Pei Pei

Play It to the Bone (1999) .... Lia
... aka Play It (1999) (USA: promotional title)
Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human, The (1999) .... The Female's Friend (Lydia)
Molly (1999) .... Brenda
True Crime (1999) (as Lucy Alexis Liu) .... Toy Shop Girl
Payback (1999) (as Lucy Alexis Liu) .... Pearl
"Ally McBeal" (1997) TV Series .... Ling Woo (1998-2002)
Love Kills (1998) .... Kashi
Flypaper (1997) (as Lucy Alexis Liu) .... Dot
Guy (1997) (as Lucy Lui) .... Woman at newsstand
Riot (1997) (TV) .... Boomer's Girlfriend (segment "Empty")
... aka Riot in the Streets (1997) (TV) (video title)
City of Industry (1997) (as Lucy Alexis Liu) .... Cathi Rose
Gridlock'd (1997) (as Lucy Alexis Liu) .... Cee-Cee
"Pearl" (1996) TV Series (as Lucy Alexis Liu) .... Amy Li (1996-1997)
Jerry Maguire (1996) (as Lucy Alexis Liu) .... Former girlfriend
Bang (1995) (as Lucy Lui) .... Hooker
Protozoa (1993) .... Ari
Ban wo zong heng (1992) .... Donna
... aka Rhythm of Destiny (1992)

Lucy Liu - Notable TV Guest Appearances
"Jackie Chan Adventures" (2000) playing "Adult Jade" (voice) in episode: "J2: Rise of the Dragons" (episode # 4.11) 26 January 2004
"Late Night with Conan O'Brien" (1993) playing "Herself" 8 October 2003
"Tinseltown.TV" (2002) playing "Herself" 4 October 2003
"Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The" (1992) playing "Herself" 2 October 2003
"Late Show with David Letterman" (1993) playing "Herself" 26 August 2003
"Otro rollo con: Adal Ramones" (1997) playing "Herself" 5 August 2003
"Late Night with Conan O'Brien" (1993) playing "Herself" 26 June 2003
"Matthew's Best Hit TV" (2001) playing "Herself" 18 June 2003
"Player$" (2002) playing "Herself" in episode: "Charlie's Angels" (episode # 2.9) 2003
"King of the Hill" (1997) playing "Tid Pao" (voice) in episode: "Bad Girls, Bad Girls Whatcha Gonna Do" (episode # 7.3) 17 November 2002
"Rank" (2001) playing "Herself" in episode: "25 Toughest Stars" 24 April 2002
"Futurama" (1999) playing "Herself" (voice) in episode: "Love and Rocket" (episode # 4.4) 10 February 2002
"Sex and the City" (1998) playing "Herself" in episode: "Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda" (episode # 4.11) 5 August 2001
"Futurama" (1999) playing "Herself" (voice) in episode: "I Dated a Robot" (episode # 3.15) 13 May 2001
"Saturday Night Live" (1975) playing "Host" (episode # 26.8) 16 December 2000
"Nulle part ailleurs" (1987) playing "Herself" 20 November 2000
"Michael Hayes" (1997) playing "Alice Woo" in episode: "Slaves" (episode # 1.8) 2 December 1997
"NYPD Blue" (1993) playing "Amy Chu" (as Lucy Alexis Liu) in episode: "A Wrenching Experience" (episode # 4.17) 15 April 1997
"Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, The" (1996) playing "Melana" (voice) (as Lucy Alexis Liu) in episode: "The Bangalore Falcon" (episode # 2.19) 14 February 1997
"High Incident" (1996) (as Lucy Alexis Liu) in episode: "Follow the Leader" (episode # 1.7) 15 August 1996
"High Incident" (1996) in episode: "Father Knows Best" (episode # 1.6) 15 April 1996
"Nash Bridges" (1996) playing "Joy Powell" in episode: "Genesis" (episode # 1.1) 29 March 1996
"X Files, The" (1993) playing "Kim Hsin" (as Lucy Alexis Liu) in episode: "Hell Money" (episode # 3.19) 29 March 1996
"ER" (1994) playing "Mei-Sun Leow" (as Lucy Alexis Liu) in episode: "And Baby Makes Two" (episode # 2.5) 19 October 1995
"ER" (1994) playing "Mei-Sun Leow" (as Lucy Alexis Liu) in episode: "What Life?" (episode # 2.4) 12 October 1995
"ER" (1994) playing "Mei-Sun Leow" (as Lucy Alexis Liu) in episode: "Do One, Teach One, Kill One" (episode # 2.3) 5 October 1995
"Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" (1995) playing "Oi-Lan" in episode: "The March to Freedom" (episode # 1.8) 6 March 1995
"Home Improvement" (1991) playing "Woman #3" in episode: "Bachelor of the Year" (episode # 4.16) 7 February 1995
"Coach" (1989) playing "Nicole Wong" in episode: "Out of Control" (episode # 7.11) 28 November 1994
"Coach" (1989) playing "Nicole Wong" in episode: "It Should Happen to You" (episode # 7.2) 19 September 1994
"L.A. Law" (1986) playing "Mai Lin" in episode: "Foreign Co-respondent" (episode # 8.4) 28 October 1993
"Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990) playing "Courtney" in episode: "Pass, Not Pass" (episode # 2.6) 15 August 1991