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birth date:
June 20, 1967

birth place:
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Elegant redhead Nicole Kidman is one of the most powerful and talented actresses in Hollywood today.

Nicole Kidman has appeared in a wide variety of films including; Cold Mountain (2003), The Human Stain (2003), The Others (2001), Moulin Rouge! (2001), Eyes Wide Shut (1999) and Batman Forever (1995).

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Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut
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Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut: Music
From The Motion Picture [SOUNDTRACK]
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Eyes Wide Shut (international),
Movie-Original Poster, 27x41

Eyes Wide Shut,
Movie-Reprint Poster, 28x40

Dead Calm

Dead Calm
VHS Tape

Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl
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Billy Bathgate

Billy Bathgate
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Billy Bathgate
by E. L. Doctorow
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. Nicole Kidman

Birthday Girl (2001)

Title: Birthday Girl
Released: 2001
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance / Crime
Runtime: 93 min
Country: UK / USA
Language: English / Russian

Tagline: Before They Share A Future, They Have To Survive Her Past.

Plot Summary: Internet love connections and mail-order brides rarely ever work out, and John (played by Ben Chaplin) should have known. Having never been lucky in the game of love and tired of waiting for the perfect woman to come along, John decides to take his chances and orders a mail-order bride from Russia online. At first, things seem perfect: his new bride Nadia (Nicole Kidman) is a gorgeous woman, and although she may not speak much English, her skills in the bedroom more than make up for any communication problems. When Nadia's 'cousins' unexpectedly arrive to celebrate her birthday, John is drawn into their web of corruption and crime.

Comments: NICOLE KIDMAN'S THE BEST! I truly love Nicole Kidman, she's the greatest talent in acting today, out of both men and women, too me she's the greatest actress of all time...And she gets better and better. This movie rules, I don't know why alot have ragged and continue too, it's got the romance/comedy and drama and perfectly chatergorized into one. Ben Chaplin too is a great actor and since his performance here I look forward to seeing him in future movies. Nicole Kidman you rock I love you...Keep it up babe!
9/10 stars...Took off one because when Kidman and Chaplin were first getting aquanted I thought the story line shouldn't gone farther, this movie should've been 1hr.50min, min at least compared to the 1hr30min. Oh well anyway I loved it and recommend it.

Scene Description: Nicole Kidman seen laying nude facedown on a bed, then briefly having sex with a guy, and finally getting up naked from the bed, showing us her ass.

..Movie Stills
Available to buy:
 Birthday Girl (DVD)
 Birthday Girl (VHS)
 Birthday Girl (double-sided UK Quad), 40x30

Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

Title: Eyes Wide Shut
Released: 1999
Genre: Thriller / Drama / Mystery
Runtime: 159 min
Country: USA / UK
Language: English

Tagline: Cruise. Kidman. Kubrick.

Plot Summary: A doctor (Tom Cruise) becomes obsessed with having a sexual encounter after his wife (Nicole Kidman) admits to having sexual fantasies about a man she met and chastising him for dishonesty in not admitting to his own fantasies. This sets him off into unfulfilled encounters with a dead patient's daughter and a hooker. But when he visits a nightclub, where a pianist friend Nick Nightingale (Todd Field) is playing, he learns about a secret sexual group and decides to attend one of their congregations. However, he quickly learns he is in well over his head and finds he and his family are threatened.

Comments: Brilliantly executed film. Stanly Kubrick's final masterpiece is excellently told through the eyes of a disgruntled New York City doctor played by a surprisingly good Tom Cruise. Many people found the film to be a little bit boring and confusing, however, I found that the film includes not only a beautiful women(i.e. Nicole Kidman), but also a good storyline with exceptional dialogue. Eyes Wide Shut is very unique it takes place over two days and only Stanley Kubrick could make a film like this and allow it to be a hit in theatres and television. My suggestion to anyone who disliked this film is watch it again and pay attention. Kubrick's films are unique, his genius is what sets him aside from other directors, such as the incredibly artistic Alfred Hitchcock and the outragiously overated Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.

Scene Description: Nicole Kidman standing topless in front of a mirror as Tom Cruise comes up to her and they start to kiss.

..Movie Stills

Scene Description: A nice clip of Nicole Kidman's great ass while she stands nude and puts on a bra.

..Movie Stills

Scene Description: Nicole Kidman completely nude as she bends over and a guy runs his hands over her back.

..Movie Stills

Scene Description: Nicole Kidman having a guy grab and squeeze her breast as they have sex.

..Movie Stills

Scene Description: Nicole Kidman having sex with a guy.

..Movie Stills
Available to buy:
 Eyes Wide Shut (DVD)
 Eyes Wide Shut (VHS)
 Stanley Kubrick Collection (DVD)
 Eyes Wide Shut: Music From The Motion Picture [SOUNDTRACK]
 (Audio CD)
 Eyes Wide Shut: Soundtrack Collection [SOUNDTRACK] (Audio CD)
 Eyes Wide Shut -- by Arthur Schnitzler (Book)
 Eyes Wide Shut (international), Movie-Original Poster, 27x41
 Eyes Wide Shut, Movie-Reprint Poster, 28x40

Dead Calm (1989)

Title: Dead Calm
Released: 1989
Genre: Horror / Thriller
Runtime: 95 min
Country: USA / Australia
Language: English

Tagline: Try To Stay Calm.

Plot Summary: John Ingram and his wife Rae, who's recovering from an auto accident are on their sailboat, becalmed somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Their leisurely isolation is interrupted by Hughie, the lone survivor of a sinking black schooner they spot one morning. Hughie's story doesn't quite jibe, so John boards the schooner to investigate, where he discovers the real truth. When Hughie wakes and realizes where John is, he takes control of the Ingram yacht from Rae, and motors off towards the horizon. Can Rae regain control of the boat and find John before the schooner sinks?

Comments: Excellent thriller. I really felt in suspense throughout Dead Calm. Sam Neill as the everyman and Nicole Kidman as his recovering wife were wholly believable as grieving parents taking a vacation to move past their tragedies. Billy Zane as the disturbed third wheel (see Titanic, Head Above Water) in the relationship was also very effective in his role. The suspense builds throughout and leads to a very memorable climax. Recommended, 8/10.

Scene Description: Nicole Kidman laying on top of a guy as he tears her shorts off to reveal her amazing ass, and then we see her right breast while she has hot sex with him on the floor.

..Movie Stills
Available to buy:
 Dead Calm (DVD)
 Dead Calm (VHS)
 Dead Calm -- by Charles F. Williams (Book)

Billy Bathgate (1991)

Title: Billy Bathgate
Released: 1991
Genre: Crime / Drama
Runtime: 106 min
Country: USA
Language: English

Tagline: A seductive look at a notorious gangster's dazzling and decadent empire about to crumble.

Plot Summary: Based loosely on the organized crime syndicates of the 20's and 30's, Billy Bathgate is the story of a young man's rise from gopher to right hand man in Dutch Schultz' gang. Having been impressed by the youth, Schultz takes him under his wing so to speak. Billy soon finds himself in a world where wealth and fortune live next door to danger and death.

Comments: I went to this mob film with my dad. My girl friend was working and my dad jumped at the oportuinity, because my dad loves mob movies and my mom hates them. The surpirse in this film is Nichole Kidman poses nude. I believe she would do anything to be famious, and being early in her carrier before she met Tom she did it. I do not think we will ever see her do that again. The film starts out well with Bruce Wills in his cameo, but the rest is your run of the mill 20's mob story. Hoffman plays Dutch perfectly, and I like the small antics. The ending is great with Andy Garcia playing the leaning meaner Scillians who become tops in the food chain. Great moment but not a great film. 7.5/10

Scene Description: Nicole Kidman standing in front of a few mirrors as she drops her towel off to reveal her fully nude body from multiple angles in the mirrors.

..Movie Stills

Scene Description: Nicole Kidman seen completely nude and close up as she dives into some water past the camera, and then we see her fully naked as she gets out of the water and is wrapped in a towel.

..Movie Stills
Available to buy:
 Billy Bathgate (DVD)
 Billy Bathgate (VHS)
 Billy Bathgate [SOUNDTRACK] (Audio CD)
 Billy Bathgate -- by E. L. Doctorow (Book)

Windrider (1986)

Title: Windrider
Released: 1986
Genre: Drama / Romance
Runtime: 92 min
Country: Australia
Language: English

Plot Summary: PC Simpson is an enthusiastic surfer. With the help of his father's company's engineer Howard he develops a high tech surf board for the coming world surf championship. But then he falls in love with the singer Jade - and sport, friends and championship become secondary...

Comments: Now that Nicole Kidman is a full fledged international star her early films have become accessible to her fans. I love her early work; her brash and spunky Aussie attitude gives this tall perfect beauty an edge. Here she plays a music video queen who is courted by a business executive who's passion is windsurfing. The script has elements of "Flashdance," "Cocktail," and other films that could have only been made in the eighties. Though the action scenes are clumsy (and boring) and the comedy sometimes juvenile, as a romantic date movie it delivers. The relationship between Kidman and Burlinson (who look like Barbie and Ken) is cute and their romance innocent (Burlinson shows up to a late night music session courting Kidman with tuxedo and flowers). Both are perfectly cast and believable in their roles. Kidman gives a wonderful performance and looks as gorgeous as Australia itself. Brief nudity and mild language. If you like windsurfing, Nicole Kidman, and a wholesome romance you've found the right film.

Scene Description: Nicole Kidman lying nude in bed and then getting up to reveal her ass and a side shot of her breast

..Movie Stills

Portrait of a Lady, The (1996)

Title: Portrait of a Lady, The
Released: 1996
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 142 min
Country: UK / USA
Language: English / Italian

Plot Summary: Isabel Archer, an American heiress and free thinker travels to Europe to find herself. She tactfully rebuffs the advances of Caspar Goodwood, another American who has followed her to England. Her cousin, Ralph Touchett, wise but sickly becomes a soulmate of sorts for her. She makes an unfortunate alliance with the creepy Madame Merle who leads her to make an even more unfortunate alliance with Gilbert Osmond, a smooth but cold collector of Objets' de art who seduces her with an intense but unattainable sexuality. Isabel marries Osmond only to realize she's just another piece of art for his collection and that Madame Merle and Osmond are lovers who had hatched a diabolical scheme to take Isabel's fortune. Isabel's only comfort is the innocent daughter of Osmond, Pansy, but even that friendship is spoiled when Merle reveals the child's true parentage. Isabel finally breaks free of Osmond and returns to Ralph's bedside, where, while breathing his last, they both realize how truly connected they are, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Comments: A brilliant adaptation. This movie makes me bawl, every time I see it. Beautifully filmed, an exquisite rendering of one woman's gradual entrapment by the world of men and nineteenth-century social constraints. The drama unfolds slowly, but masterfully, building to one of the best endings I've ever seen. Nicole Kidman is excellent, and Martin Donovan is a god.

..Movie Stills

Listed in "People Weekly"s "Most Intriguing People" list. (December 25 1995/January 1 1996 issue)

She and her husband Tom Cruise donated to Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign for a seat in the U.S. Senate representing New York state. [2000]

Suffered a broken rib while rehearsing a dance routine for the movie Moulin Rouge! (2001). Production was halted while she recovered.

Chosen by People Magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World [1999]

Chosen by People (USA) magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world [1996]

Wore a corset while filming Portrait of a Lady, The (1996) to take her waist down to 19"

Spent two weeks in bed after filming of Portrait of a Lady, The (1996) - diagnosed as suffering from "emotional stress".

Adopted 1 son and 1 daughter.

Nicole's father is renowned Sydney psychologist Anthony Kidman, famous in his own right for work done with breast cancer patients, among other things.

Family: Sister, Antonia Kidman-Hawley. Brother-In-Law, Angus Hawley. Mother, Janelle Kidman. Son, Conor Antony. Daughter, Isabella Jane Relative of late cattle baron Sydney Kidman. Dropped out of high school to pursue career.

Crusader against child abuse. "Children should be allowed to grow up without fear of cruelty." [October 1999]

Separated from husband Tom Cruise. [5 February 2001]

In Moulin Rouge! (2001) Kidman sang alongside Ewan McGregor.

Conor Antony (adopted son) born January 17, 1995.

Isabella Jane (adopted daughter) born December 22, 1992.

Sang alongside Robbie Williams in a remake of the duet 'Something Stupid', originally by Frank and Nancy Sinatra

Scared of butterflies

Won 2nd Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy for Moulin Rouge! [January 20th, 2002]

Named one of People Magazine's '25 Most Intriguing People of 2001'.

Named E!'s Celebrity of the Year 2001.

Named Entertainment Weekly's Entertainer of The Year for 2001.

Played a young girl named Grace on a sketch on "Saturday Night Live" (1975) with Mike Myers, the next time she played a character named Grace was her 2001 movie, Others, The (2001).

She was supposed to be the star of Panic Room (2002), but she hurt herself in a stunt for Moulin Rouge! (2001). So, she played the voice of Jodie Foster's divorced husband's wife.

Was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine in 2002.

Sister of Australian television personality Antonia Kidman.

Will play Samantha Stevens in film version of classic television series Bewitched.

Although naturally left-handed, Nicole taught herself to write right- handed for her role in Hours, The (2002), where she played the right- handed author Virginia Woolf.

Received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (13 January 2003)

Found out about her first Academy Award nomination, for Moulin Rouge! (2001), while shooting Dogville (2003) in Sweden.

Ranked #31 in Premiere's 2003 annual Power 100 List. Had ranked #83 in 2002.

First Australian actress to win the Best Actress Academy Award.

- Voted the 5th Sexist Female Movie Star in the Australian Empire Magazine September 2002.

Measurements: 34B-23-36 (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)

In recent polls, she was elected alongside fellow Aussie Hugh Jackman as one of the favorite upcoming romantic couples on screen.

Originally cast as Mrs. Smith in "Mr & Mrs Smith" (2004).

Has appeared in "My Life" with Micheal Keaton, "Batman Forever" with Val Kilmer, "The Peacemaker" with George Clooney and "The Portrait of a Lady" with Christian Bale. All five actors have played Batman in a movie.

She was nominated for a Laurence Olivier Theatre Award in 1999 (1998 season) for Best Actress for her performance in The Blue Room.

Personal quotes

"Every day there is a compromise. Living with somebody requires a lot of understanding. But I love being married. I really love it. Sometimes I try to downplay it a bit because people are like, 'God you guys.' I just feel so fortunate that I have found someone who will put up with me and stay with me." - on her marriage to Tom Cruise - August 2000

[On husband Tom Cruise] "I wouldn't want to be married to me, but luckily he does."

"Now I can wear heels." [commenting on her break-up with Tom Cruise - August 2001]

"It's so bizarre, I'm not scared of snakes or spiders. But I'm scared of butterflies. There is something eerie about them. Something weird!"

And I am standing in front of my mother, And my WHOLE life I have wanted to make my mother proud. And now I'm going to make my daughter proud. (On winning the Academy Award for "The Hours")

"When I heard about the Suzanne role in To Die For, I thought, 'I'll never get it - it'll be offered to someone else.' So I called Gus [Van Sant] at home, and he took my call, thank God. I told him I'd seen Drugstore Cowboy, and I really wanted to work with him. I said I was destined to work with him."

"I think it's important that we don't all have to hold our heads high all the time saying everything's fine."

"These different people that I play become the loves of my life."

The split from Tom Cruise left me very fragile but I'd love to marry again.

"I would love to have boobs and a butt like Jennifer Lopez but I'm not having surgery so there it is"

I've never been so excited to have people walk all over me for the rest of my life. (On receiving her star on the Walk of Fame)

"You want to take some responsibility in your choices so that it sets the groundwork for that next generation of actresses - so for me doing Lars von Trier, I would hope that says to another generation: 'go and seek out those directors, it's ok'."

On Dogville: "One day it would be a fairytale, the next it was a nightmare. Lars was gentle with me - he was gentle and soft, then he would beat me up emotionally when he felt he needed that. I did not always register what was happening until afterwards but you shouldn't have too much awareness as an actor, I don't think."

Nicole Kidman - Filmography
Below is a complete filmography (list of movies she's appeared in)

Cold Mountain (2003) .... Ada Monroe
Human Stain, The (2003) .... Faunia Farley
... aka Couleur du mensonge, La (2003) (France)
... aka Menschliche Makel, Der (2003) (Germany)
Dogville (2003) .... Grace
... aka Dogville (2003) (France)
Hours, The (2002) .... Virginia Woolf
Panic Room (2002) (uncredited) (voice) .... Stephen's Girlfriend on the Phone
Birthday Girl (2001) .... Sophia
Others, The (2001) .... Grace
... aka Autres, Les (2001) (France)
... aka Otros, Los (2001) (Spain)
Moulin Rouge! (2001) .... Satine

Eyes Wide Shut (1999) .... Alice Harford
... aka EWS (1999) (USA: promotional abbreviation)
Practical Magic (1998) .... Gillian Owens
Peacemaker, The (1997) .... Dr. Julia Kelly
Portrait of a Lady, The (1996) .... Isabel Archer
Leading Man, The (1996) .... Academy Awards Presenter
Batman Forever (1995) .... Dr. Chase Meridian
... aka Forever (1995/I) (USA: title without logo)
To Die For (1995) .... Suzanne Stone Maretto
My Life (1993) .... Gail Jones
Malice (1993) .... Tracy Kennsinger
Far and Away (1992) .... Shannon Christie
Billy Bathgate (1991) .... Drew Preston
Flirting (1991) .... Nicola
Days of Thunder (1990) .... Dr. Claire Lewicki

"Bangkok Hilton" (1989) (mini) TV Series .... Katrina Stanton
Dead Calm (1989) .... Rae Ingram
... aka Dead Calm: A Voyage Into Fear (1989) (USA: poster title)
Emerald City (1988) .... Helen, Mike McCord's Girlfriend
Australiana a Roma, Un' (1987) (TV) .... Jill
Bit Part, The (1987) .... Mary McAllister
Room to Move (1987) (TV) .... Carol Trig
... aka Winners: Room to Move (1987) (TV) (Australia: syndication title)
Watch the Shadows Dance (1987) .... Amy Gabriel
... aka Nightmaster (1987) (USA)
"Vietnam" (1986) (mini) TV Series .... Megan Goddard
Windrider (1986) .... Jade
"Winners" (1985) (mini) TV Series .... Carol Trig (episode 1: Room to Move)
Archer's Adventure (1985) .... Catherine
... aka Archer (1985)
Wills & Burke (1985) .... Julia Matthews
Matthew and Son (1984) (TV) .... Bridget Elliot
BMX Bandits (1983) .... Judy
... aka Short Wave (1983) (USA: video title (bootleg title))
Bush Christmas (1983) .... Helen
... aka Prince and the Great Race (1983)
Chase Through the Night (1983) (TV) .... Petra
"Five Mile Creek" (1983) TV Series .... Annie

Nicole Kidman - Notable TV Guest Appearances
"Larry King Live" (1985) playing "Herself" 24 January 2004
"Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The" (1992) playing "Herself" 5 December 2003
"Entertainment Tonight" (1981) playing "Herself" 16 October 2003
"Extra" (1994) playing "Herself" 15 October 2003
"Entertainment Tonight" (1981) playing "Herself" 11 October 2003
"Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway" (2002) playing "Herself" (episode # 2.8) 1 March 2003
"Love Chain" (2003) playing "Herself" (archive footage) in episode: "Tom Cruise" (episode # 1.4) 2003
"Larry King Live" (1985) playing "Herself" 15 December 2002
"Oprah Winfrey Show, The" (1986) playing "Herself" 8 November 2002
"Seitenblicke" (1988) playing "Herself" in episode: "Oscars 2002" 26 March 2002
"Først & sist" (1998) playing "Herself" (episode # 7.9) 22 March 2002
"Ray Martin Show, The" (2001) playing "Herself" (episode # 1.6) 5 November 2001
"Big Breakfast, The" (1992) playing "Herself" 2 November 2001
"Parkinson" (1971) playing "Herself" 13 October 2001
"Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The" (1992) playing "Herself" 15 August 2001
"Havoc's Luxury Suites and Conference Facility" (2001) playing "Herself" (episode # 1.1) 5 June 2001
"Rosie O'Donnell Show, The" (1996) playing "Herself" 12 December 1996
"Saturday Night Live" (1975) playing "Host" (episode # 19.7) 20 November 1993
"Country Practice, A" (1981) playing "Simone Jenkins" in episode: "Repairing the Damage: Part 2" (episode # 1.234) 1984
"Country Practice, A" (1981) playing "Simone Jenkins" in episode: "Reparing the Damage: Part 1" (episode # 1.233) 1984
"Young Talent Time" (1971) playing "Herself" 26 November 1983